Nintendo Patents Game Boy Style Cover For Smartphones

Game Boy

Game Boy is a handheld game console that was originally introduced on April 21, 1989 to consumer electronics. The handheld console revolutionized gaming, it brought the idea of gaming on the move. The idea is still adopted throughout different brands of handheld game consoles.

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A recent patent found by Siliconera suggests that Nintendo has filed officially a Game Boy style shell cover for smartphones. The cover will encase a smartphone completely. Additionally, there are working buttons that will respond to the touch panel of the smartphone screen.

Game Boy Game Boy

The images shown above clearly tells that this is just not a shell case, there is more to it. The Game Boy shell cover has buttons that will be above the touch screen. The button inputs will cleverly react to the touch screen residing below the cover. This way the commands will be registered instantly.

The case further opens and allows a full view. The smart phone will be on the right side of the cover, while the bottom side of the buttons will be on left side of the cover shell. From the diagrams, it is safe to assume that the buttons will have physical plastic feel on the top, while beneath it will be a rubber surface that will register the input with touch screen. Take a look at the diagram below.

Game Boy

Speaking of Nintendo’s Game Boy handheld console, there has been a rumor that Nintendo Switch will get a revised model next year. The revised version of Nintendo Switch will see revamped display screen. The current model has a low end LCD.

A revised Nintendo Switch model with better display screen will surely appeal and attract more consumers. The current generation display screen is not bad, but it will be an improvement to see a much brighter, lighter and energy efficient screen in Nintendo Switch.

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