MotoGP 19 Show Offs Historical Riders in New Trailer

MotoGP 19 Historical Riders

Milestone has released a brand new trailer for MotoGP 19 which focuses on some of the historical riders which will be featured in the game. When MotoGP 19 was announced, the developer had revealed that the upcoming title will focus on modern drivers as well as some of the best riders in the franchise’s history as well.

The new trailer reveals that the game will feature more than 50 MotoGP drivers ranging from a wide variety of eras. Many of the fan favorite classical drivers will also be part of the roster. These drivers will be driving a diverse lineup of 35 different bikes. Just like the riders, the game will feature bikes ranging over different time frames ranging from modern to classic.

The game will have all modern racing tracks and 3 classic tracks. The game will even feature a separate mode for all the classic content in the game as well so that players can experience the classical MotoGP like it is meant to be. Addition of classic riders and tracks to the game was one of the most demanded features by fans of the series.

Earlier, Milestone revealed MotoGP 19 and they announced that they have listed to fan feedback immensely and the new title in the franchise is heavily inspired by fan feedback. Nearly all new features and additions to the title have been requested by fans over the past and this time they have decided to include as much fan-favorite content in the game as possible.

MotoGP 19 will also feature dedicated servers for the online community. Getting dedicated servers will massively improve the online experience for all players and it will help get better pings and reduced lag in races. Apart from this, players will be able to create their custom races with the new Race Director Mode as well.

MotoGP 19 is slated for release on June 6, 2019, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. A Nintendo Switch version will also be released later.

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