Mitsubishi is Returning to Forza Horizon 4 With a Free Car Pack

Mitsubishi Forza Horizon 4

Playground Games has just announced via their official Twitter account that Mitsubishi is coming back to Forza Horizon 4 with a free car pack in the upcoming update. The car pack will have seven Mitsubishi cars of different generations.

Earlier, before the launch of Forza Horizon 4 both Mitsubishi and Toyota had announced that they are pulling their vehicles from Forza Horizon 4 due to numerous reasons. One of the reasons behind this was that video games is ruining the sales of cars in real life.

However, whatever the reason was behind both Mitsubishi and Toyota pulling their vehicles from Forza Horizon 4, Mitsubishi is now coming back to the game and also with a free car pack. The car pack will have seven cars of different generations and will surely please the fans who were mad at launch because their favorite rally car was not included in the game.

The following vehicles are included in the Mitsubishi Motors Car Pack.

  • 1992 Mitsubishi Galant VR4
  • 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
  • 1997 Mitsubishi GTO
  • 1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI GSR
  • 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII MR
  • 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX MR
  • 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X GSR

Mitsubishi Forza Horizon 4

These seven cars are coming in the new free car pack. The car pack is completely free to all players and it does not matter whether you own the Car Pass or not. This is a free car pack. The new car pack is coming with tons of new content as well.

This is part of the Update 5 for Forza Horizon 4 which is coming soon which will also add a brand new Horizon Story and the much anticipated Free-For-All Adventure mode. The new Horizon Sotry is Isha’s Taxis where players will work for Isha as the fastest cab driver around. Players will drive both the Austin FX 4 Taxi as well as the Cadillac TXS Limousine.

Mitsubishi Forza Horizon 4

The Free-For-All Adventure will allow players to join online adventures as single players instead of teams. Each player will be able to win solo and will not need to worry about the poor performance of their teammates like before. It is similar to Online Adventure but only features solo players rather than teams.

Mitsubishi Forza Horizon 4

The new update is due this week and players will be able to access the new content as soon as their game is all patched up.

Forza Horizon 4 is now out exclusively on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows Store.


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