Leak Suggests Shadow Bombs and Drones Might Be Coming to Fortnite

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Leaks are nothing new especially when it comes to Fortnite and the latest leak suggests we might be getting Shadow Bombs and Drones in the game. Most of the leaks have been proven true because Fortnite leaks mostly come from datamining and the same is the case with these two new items which have been found in Fortnite’s data.

This time, two brand new items have been found sitting in Fortnite’s files. One is Shadow Bomb while the other one is Zebulon Drone. The items have been found in Fortnite’s files after the most recent update 8.20. The update was released back on April 10 and the leaks arrive just after five days which shows that the dataminers have been really busy with the game.

Shadow Bombs were discovered in the files of a challenge which asks the players to use the item in different matches which means that the item will have its own challenge in upcoming weeks. Check out the tweet below.

The above tweet gives us a little taste of how the Shadow Bombs would sound in the game as well apart from revealing their existence in the game. No further details about the item are yet known. The other item in question is the drone which is called a Zebulon Drone in the files of the game. You can check it out its reference below as well.

No further information is known about the Zebulon Drone at this point however Epic might reveal them soon because one of the items in the leak appears to be part of the challenges. It could be one of the upcoming Battle Pass challenges in the coming weeks so we are expecting an official reveal by Epic Games soon.

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What do you think about the new leaked items? Do you want to see Shadow Bombs and Drones in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments section below.


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