Kodansha Creators’ Lab Makes a Splash at INDIE Live Expo 2024

Kodansha Creators’ Lab, the indie game publishing arm of entertainment giant Kodansha Ltd., made waves at INDIE Live Expo 2024 with exciting announcements and celebrations. Among the highlights were two new game reveals, a launch on Nintendo Switch, and a milestone achievement for a beloved title.

New Reveals:

Kodansha unveiled BAN: The Prologue of GUCHA GUCHA, a horror adventure game developed by Ichimatsu Suzuka. Set to terrify players with spine-chilling Japanese horror, the game follows college student Garasu Yuki on a nightmarish rescue mission in her hometown. With its nostalgic yet terrifying atmosphere, BAN promises to deliver a thrilling experience when it hits Steam in 2024.

Also revealed was BURGGEIST, a tactical action strategy game developed by GHRIAN STUDIO. In this larger-than-life combat experience, players navigate the supernatural terrain of ALIKSAN alongside the colossal BURGGEIST entity. With a blend of action and strategy, BURGGEIST offers fast-paced combat and strategic decision-making, set to release on Steam in 2024.

Game Launch, Price Reductions and Milestones:

In addition to the new reveals, Kodansha announced the launch of In His Time on Nintendo Switch. Developed by Tearyhand Studios, this narrative puzzle platformer invites players to join young Ollie on a journey of faith and reconciliation. Now available on the Switch, In His Time offers players a poignant narrative experience filled with puzzles and mini-games.

Meanwhile, BOKURA, the co-op-only puzzle adventure, celebrated a significant milestone with its 500,000th download. To mark the occasion, Kodansha released a commemorative trailer and offered a limited-time 40% discount. With its unique cooperative gameplay and branching narrative, BOKURA continues to captivate players worldwide.

The roguelike dungeon crawler IGNISTONE is now permanently reduced to just $4.49 and if you hurry up, you can grab an additional 30% discount for a limited time on PC. In IGNISTONE, your path is randomly generated every time and you must use a selection of dozens of swords, up to eight stat-boosting amulets, and other rare items to clear the Forbidden Mines.

Yuki Katayama, director of Kodansha Game Creators’ Lab, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to support indie developers. “We are truly honored to see our creators thrive within our studios,” said Katayama. “Our mission is to give deserving indie developers the support they need to achieve greatness, and we are very grateful for INDIE Live Expo for giving us a platform to support indies at an even larger scale.”

With exciting new games on the horizon and continued success for existing titles, Kodansha Creators’ Lab remains committed to nurturing indie talent and delivering innovative gaming experiences to players worldwide. You can head over to the official Steam pages of all of the titles or any particular ones that you like in order to add them to your collection and stay updated on future updates and developments.

Which title, trailer, or reveal was your favorite from Kodansha Creators’ Lab at INDIE Expo Live 2024? Let us know in the comments section below.

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