Here is How To Get Battlefield V Beta Without Pre-ordering

Battlefield V Beta

Battlefield V was recently pushed a month late, now the game will release in November and we know when the Battlefield V Beta starts. However, we recently came to know a method from which you can easily get a beta key. This method is strictly for PC users only.

Battlefield V Beta

We came to know of this quick trick via reddit user iNejco. All you need to do is follow the steps in order and you will surely get the beta access key. Also, the keys are limited so in case after several tries you still do not get one, then you are probably out of luck. Nevertheless this is worth the try.

Regardless of the trick, here is the schedule of Battlefield V Beta pre-loading, early access to beta and open beta availability. Check out the details below.

September 3, 1 am PT

September 4, 1 am PT

September 6, 1 am PT

September 11, 7 am PT

Recently, Battlefield 5 was delayed by a month as announced by Electronic Arts and DICE in a recent post. The game was stated for release on October 19th but due to some technical issues, the developers have now pushed the game to November 20th.

This is not the first time that a major game has been pushed later so that the developers can work on it to iron out some bugs. EA stats that the main reason behind this delay is to have some more time so that they can make some final adjustments to the core gameplay and to make sure that the Tides of War is fully functional on release.

Although EA claims this as the main reason behind the delay but we can say that the main reason behind its delay is the launch of Black Ops 4 and Read Dead Redemption 2 during the same time. Battlefield V was launching between both these titles as Black Ops 4 has a release date of October 12th while Red Dead Redemption is coming out on October 26th.

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