Harmonix Reveal New VR Rhythm Shooter Audica for PC and PSVR


Harmonix has revealed their new VR rhythm shooter game Audica which is coming to PC as an Early Access title next month. A PSVR release is also planned for later. Harmonix is the developer behind titles such as Guitar Hero, Rock Back and Amplitude.

The game was unveiled via Harmonix’s official Twitter and in the tweet, Harmonix stated that Audica will feature the studio’s famous music gameplay and combine it will precision shooting which will be accompanied by an equally good soundtrack.

The official words of the developer on Audica are

A VR rhythm shooter that combines Harmonix’s award-winning music gameplay with precision shooting mechanics and a killer soundtrack, all set in a mesmerizing cosmic arena.

Harmonix has also released a trailer for the game which you can watch below and get a better grasp of the new game’s concept.

Audica is not the first music game to make a twist on the genre and combine it with other genres to make the game more fun. In the past, we had Rez Infinite, Beat Saber and Thumper all of which featured music based mechanics combined with other to give a completely unique experience of a game.

Audica is entering Early Access on March 7th on Steam and Oculus Store. Players who are interested in the game will be able to try it out in early development phases. The Early Access version will include 10 music tracks. Each track will have four different difficulties.

It will also include one environment, one weapon set and online leaderboards. The complete 1.0 version will arrive at the end of this year and it will have 25 songs, a full campaign, practice mode, more environments and weapons sets. It will also feature expanded leaderboards and improved game mechanics.

More information about the Early Access build will be announced in the coming days. We will update you when we get to know more about the game so keep checking back.

Audica hits Early Access on Steam and Oculus Store on March 7th. PSVR version will arrive after the game leaves Early Access.


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