HammerHelm to Leave Early Access for Full Launch Next Week

HammerHelm Launch

Soedesco has announced that its third-person city-building RPG, HammerHelm, is set to leave Steam’s Early Access for the game’s full launch next week on April 29, 2021. A trailer was also released alongside the announcement.

The game has been in Early Access since 2017 while receiving over 500 updates that included significant improvements to the gameplay flow and graphics. The updates brought in new features, buildings, additional quests, combat enhancements among many other things.

Check out the HammerHelm Launch trailer below:

HammerHelm is a unique RPG in which players create their own dwarf character and start a new life in the open air. Players must adapt to living on the ground and build a new town that will attract other dwarfs and fill the town. Players will need to ensure that the new dwarfs remain happy and safe by completing different quests which will ensure that the town keeps expanding.

The game will test your leadership with different challenges and enemies who you must fight in order to prove that dwarfs can live above the ground as well.

We got to preview the game back in 2019 in Early Access, where we talked about how the gameplay becomes repetitive after a few hours of play. But that was around a year and a half ago, and the game received multiple updates since. How different HammerHelm will be now that it is ready for a full launch is yet to be seen. Additional quests and activities are something that will always be welcome.

Key Features:

  • Build a town with over 45 structures where you can craft and buy items
  • Explore the world and its many creatures in the dungeons, caves, mines and more
  • Complete quests and manage your town to ensure the citizens are happy and safe
  • Fight dangerous enemies in a fast-paced, action combat system

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