Google Stadia And Project xCloud Will Not Have Nintendo Games

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Google Stadia and Project xCloud are hot topics right now as we progress into the future of gaming where streaming is possible. I know that it is going to take a while before these technologies can be perfected but it seems that not all games will be coming to the cloud. At least that is what Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa would have us believe.

Nintendo games have been exclusive to the company’s own hardware so that is not a shocker. Furukawa believes that traditional hardware still has a future and that the company is going to integrate hardware with software in order to create new experiences. Streaming games does not make sense if you can only play a portion of the games that are on the market.

If you still need a console or a handheld in order to play some games then that is going to be a major concern. Just like right now, you need to have an Xbox in order to play Microsoft exclusives and you need a PS4 if you want to play Sony exclusives. Games like Mario and Pokemon are only available on the Nintendo Switch. It seems that this same issue is going to persist in the future as well.

The following is what Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa had to say about cloud gaming:

I don’t think all games will move to the cloud right now, but the technology is steadily advancing. In the future, I expect that technologies such as the cloud and streaming will evolve further as a way to deliver games to consumers. We must keep up with such changes in the environment. On the other hand, I believe that our core value, the unique entertainment experiences that can only be achieved through the development of integrated hardware and software, will further increase in value. Delivering unique entertainment that only Nintendo can create will continue to be our top priority.

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People are skeptical about Google Stadia and they should be. We will need to see it in order to believe it and even Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer for Xbox Mike Nichols mentioned that while Google has the infrastructure for Stadia, the company does not have the content required.

Google claims that the current broadband internet connection is fast enough to run Stadia and we know that both Microsoft and Sony are working on making their next-gen consoles more powerful that Stadia.

Let us know what you think about Nintendo games not coming to Google Stadia and Project xCloud and whether or not you are interested in streaming games in the first place.

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