Fortnite Rift Portals Disabled Due to Bugs, Weekly Challenge Affected

Fortnite Rift Portals

Epic has reportedly disabled its Rift Portals in its most popular Fortnite Battle Royale. A bug was discovered in the game and as a result, developers had to temporarily disable the portals across all platforms.

The problem with this bug is that it prevents players from completing one of the games recent weekly challenges. In Week 5 challenges list of Fortnite, there is a challenge where players have to use these Rift Portals, but now since they have been disabled in all game mode, players who have yet to complete the challenge will not be able to do so until the Rift Portals return.
Epic hasn’t provided any information or time frame as to when the rift Portals will return, although the developers are quick to address any such issue when they find a bug. However, they have mentioned that they will further update the status of the Rifts at their Twitter account once the bug issue has been resolved.

Fortnite Rift Portals

It is worth mentioning that earlier in this season, shopping carts and All Terrain Vehicles (ATK) had also been temporarily disabled due to some other issue. Because of the issue, many players were left stranded to complete the week 4 challenge; “Jump through Flaming Hoops”. The challenge required players to jump through hoops of fire with any of the two vehicles.

Thankfully, we are still mid way into the season leaving you plenty of time to complete this challenge. The challenge itself isn’t a tough challenge which will only make it easier for you to complete once the Rift Portals return. So keep an eye for any update that Epic provides about the issue and when they plan on getting it back into the game.

Fortnite’s Rift Portals were introduced in the current season 5 of the game. The rifts mechanics allowed players to teleport in the sky where they could glide from anywhere in the map. These rifts were mainly used by players to escape the incoming storm, retreat from battles, or just get to some other location quickly than wasting time in running.

We currently do not know when these rifts will be back online but since Epic Games is pretty quick in patching up the game, we are hoping that they will be back online soon. Players will be able to complete their challenge after they are back online.

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