Far Cry 5 Prologue and Dutch’s Island Walkthrough Guide

Far Cry 5 Prologue and Dutch’s Island Walkthrough Guide

In this Far Cry 5 Prologue and Dutch’s Island Walkthrough Guide, we will guide you through the cut scenes of the prologue and how to liberate Dutch’s Island. This includes the cut scenes from the first moment you start the game and freely get to experience the open world map of Hope County.
Far Cry 5’s Prologue contains a lot of short story missions that help the player understand the mechanics of the game and reveal the entire regions of the world.

Far Cry 5 is a first-person shooter action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft Studios. It is the fifth installment in the Far Cry Series. Far Cry 5 is set in Hope County, Montana, which is a place in control by a fanatical cult known as the The Project at Eden’s Gate. The main antagonist is the cult leader Joseph Seed, also known as, The Father. In this game, you have to fight with the resistance and defeat the cult that has taken over Hope County.

Far Cry 5 Prologue and Dutch’s Island Walkthrough Guide

This Far Cry 5 Prologue and Dutch’s Island walkthrough guide focuses on all the missions that start with the prologue and end by liberating Dutch’s Island. We have compiled a list on how to complete all the main missions related to this area.

The Prologue is mainly a series of cut scenes that will set you an idea of the back story. Followed by the prologue, you are given missions to liberate Dutch’s Island. Completing Dutch’s Island missions will give you a general idea to liberate the other three major regions in all of Hope County.

Mission # 1 – The Warrant

In the opening cut scene when the game begins, you are in a helicopter with the Hope county Sheriff and the U.S Marshal to arrest the main antagonist, Joseph “The Preacher” Seed, also known as “The Father”.

Far Cry 5 Prologue and Dutch’s Island Walkthrough Guide

After the helicopter lands you follow the sheriff around the entrance street of the church where there is a crowd of people protesting as you pass them. There isn’t much freedom to roam around as you only have the option to move forward.

When you reach in the church you are given the option to arrest Joseph Seed. To progress into the story you cuff and walk him back to the helicopter.

Alternatively, you can end the game prematurely, opting to not arrest Joseph Seed by waiting for a few minutes. A cut scene then begins where you walk out without arresting Joseph Seed and that ends the game.

Mission # 2 – No Way Out

Here begins the first moments where you have total control as the player and can really explore the mechanics of the game.

Following the arrest of Joseph seed, a cut scene where it shows the helicopter crashing down when the enemies (or the Peggies) stop you from leaving with Joseph Seed. After the crash Joseph Seed is found to be unhurt and taunts you while the marshal is seen to have escaped and another of your colleague is captured.

You are then given control to escape the Helicopter and run away from the crash into the bushes, where you finally reach a house.
Here you encounter your first enemy, roaming around the house, and are required to perform a stealth takedown. You can pick up the weapon from the enemy and continue to proceed inside of the house to find some ammo.

After this, you get a radio call from the Marshal who explains about his location in a nearby trailer house. Follow the waypoint to where the marshal is. Once you reach the trailer to meet up with the Marshal, he will tell you his plan of escape while handing you a weapon. A fight then ensues where the enemies have located you and attack from the outside of the trailer. Cover fire and protect the Marshal while he runs to get a truck to escape. You then proceed to get into the truck as well with the marshal.

The next scene is where the marshal is driving the truck while you resume covering fire and defend yourself from the following enemy vehicles and an enemy plane. In the end the plane bombs and destroys a bridge that is your pathway, and the truck falls underwater into a river. Escape the truck with the Marshal and swim your way out.

Mission # 3 – Glimmer of Hope

Following the escape underwater, you emerge out to the surface and see the Marshal being captured in the distance. You are then grabbed by someone and the scene fades to black.
Once you regain consciousness, you find yourself handcuffed in a bed, and man explaining that you are in his bunker and that the situation about the closed roads and no communication from the outside world. Also adding that there is no one coming to help after the hostile situation created by the Peggies and Joseph Seed.

Get up from the bed as the man frees you and change your clothes, follow the pathway to meet the Man who introduces himself as Dutch. He will then proceed to tell you how to gain control of the island and gain a resistance to fight with Joseph Seed and the Peggies. Following this, proceed to exit the bunker.

Mission # 4 – The Resistance

Far Cry 5 Prologue and Dutch’s Island Walkthrough Guide

Once out of the bunker. Dutch gets you on the radio and explains how to gain resistance of a specified main area. To build resistance there are four ways, Destroy cult properties, rescue Civilians, liberate Cult Outposts, and complete main missions. So to begin with, you are required to gain resistance to Dutch’s Island.

The first main story mission then ensues where you head straight from the bunker and find a platform. Climb and locate a few civilians held hostage by hostiles. You are then required to kill the hostiles and save the civilians, earning you resistance points. The saved civilian also gives you an option to get to a Prepper Stash, this usually involves side mission to get loot and ammo.

Continuing to gain more resistance points for Dutch’s Island, another mission is added where you have to head west towards a shrine where there are three enemies. Takedown the enemies and use an explosive to destroy the shrine. This adds more resistance points and gets you closer to liberating Dutch’s Island.

Over the radio, Dutch then explains about Guns for Hire. Head over to the waypoint added towards a fishing dock. You will find enemies and a hostage. Kill the enemies, free the hostage and then hire him to start the next part of the mission.

You are given a new waypoint where you have to reach a research station. Head towards the station with you hired civilian. Here you will find more enemies and hostages. Rescue and talk to the hostage after which another objective will prompt with another pathway
This new pathway directs you to a ranger station nearby, which also is a cult outpost. Liberate this outpost by killing all enemies. This will add to your resistance points.

The final part to completely liberate Dutch’s Island is to activate an antenna on a nearby radio tower. Head over to the radio tower, climb to the top where there is a switch to turn the radio back on. this will totally liberate Dutch’ Island following which Dutch will explain about the surrounding areas outside of his island.

This concludes our walkthrough for Dutch’s Island of Far Cry 5. If you wish to add anything to this article, please feel free to write your opinion in the comments below.

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