EVERSPACE 2 Early Access Roadmap Reveals Incoming Star Systems, New Ships, More

EVERSPACE 2 Drake: Gang Wars

ROCKFISH Games has announced the early access roadmap for their title EVERSPACE 2 which was released earlier this year in Early Access on PC. The newly revealed roadmap contains information on what fans can expect from the game in 2021. The 2021 roadmap includes milestones for upcoming star systems, major gameplay features such as fast travel, new companions, activities, and story content along with the addition of new player ships for test pilots to check out in Early Access.

The new content updates will start arriving as early as April 2021. The very first update will add new main and side missions along with new activities containing mini-missions and challenges for players. The update will also bring new fighters for the players along with a new companion and an overhauled game balancing. It sounds like a major update and after this, the updates will continue later in Summer 2021 which will add a brand-new Star System to the game called Zharkov.

Zharkov will be the third-star system in the game and it will bring with it new enemy types, new creatures, and natural phenomena. It will also bring with it new main and side missions along with new activities, mini-missions, and challenges, a new companion while this particular update will also increase the player level cap which will allow players to level up more while exploring the new star system. Finally, the third major content update for EVERSPACE 2 will arrive sometime in Fall 2021 which will add yet another new star system called Khait Nebula.

This appears to be the meatiest content update out of the bunch as it will add two new fighter subclasses to the game along with a new star system called Khait Nebula. The new star system will come packed with new enemy types, new creatures, and even more natural phenomena. Naturally, players will get new main and side missions along with new activities, mini-missions, and challenges. A new companion will also be part of the update while the Fast Travel mechanic will also arrive in this update along with an increase in the player level cap.

You can check out the official high-res image of the roadmap below:

EVERSPACE 2 roadmap

Michael Schade, CEO & co-founder of ROCKFISH Games said:

Since launching in Early Access a few weeks ago, we’ve received a ton of positive feedback from our community, content creators, and the gaming press. Some outlets even tout EVERSPACE 2 as “Roque Squadron meets Diablo,” “The Witcher of Spacer Shooters,” “Nailing Those Freelancer Vibes So Far,” or “Descent and Privateer had a baby.” Of course, we love these kinds of headlines, but we also want to manage expectations. While we absolutely took inspiration from various iconic space combat and looter RPGs, we also want to create something new with EVERSPACE 2 that stands for its own, especially within the space combat & exploration genre. Of course, EVERSPACE 2 is far from being finished, but with most of its gameplay mechanics already in place and with 92% positive out of 1700+ reviews, we think we are off to a good start and look forward to shaping our creative vision together with our community over the next 18ish months. A big part of our ongoing plan is to continue our weekly live streams on Twitch and YouTube so that space game enthusiasts interested in our game can make an educated purchase decision or ask specific questions in chat to me and other members of our development team directly.

ROCKFISH Games delivered an absolute blast of a sequel with EVERSPACE 2 and we have its wonderful Accolades Trailer to prove it, alongside the Incursions Update, the teaser trailer for its Drake: Gang Wars update, Xbox Game Pass arrival trailerZharkov: The Vortex UpdateFirst Early Access Update trailer, detailed roadmap reveal, Early Access Preview, and Early Access Launch announcement trailer. EVERSPACE 2 started its journey as a Kickstarter project during which it showcased in-game locations, HOTAS supportexclusive Closed Betagameplay trailersClosed Alpha, and Concept Art.

Its Early Access launch was delayed on two separate occasions, one in March 2020 and then again in November 2020. Its Kickstarter campaign had a massive goal of $493,000 which was achieved on its final campaign day. The developer kept gamers in the loop with a regular influx of new information during this period. We were lucky enough to get our hands on an early access prototype of the game back in May 2020 for our preview.

Are you looking forward to jumping in the new content arriving in EVERSPACE 2 as announced in the roadmap? Let us know in the comments section below.

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