Apogee Launches Early Access for Quest Master: Craft Your Own 16-Bit Adventures

Quest Master Early Access PC

Embark on a journey of creativity and exploration as Apogee Entertainment launches Quest Master in Early Access on PC via Steam. Developed by Julian Creutz in collaboration with co-developer Skydevilpalm, this dungeon-designing sandbox adventure invites players to wield the tools of creation and craft their own 16-bit adventures.

In Quest Master, players assume the role of the ultimate Quest Master, venturing forth into the enchanting realm of Aetheria alongside fearless companions Lanze, Javelynn, and Shiv. Together, they must protect the land and confront the perils that lurk within its depths. Armed with swords and shields, players can construct imaginative dungeons teeming with challenges and rewards, ready to be explored by daring adventurers.

Check out the Early Access launch trailer below:

The game offers a robust dungeon-building system that allows players to create custom layouts and transform desolate dungeons into sprawling labyrinths across diverse landscapes. From foggy forests to sand-swept deserts, each locale presents its own set of challenges and opportunities for creativity. With intuitive creator tools, players can drag and drop objects to fabricate chambers filled with obstacles, enemies, and treasures, including retracting spikes, blade traps, timed explosives, and more.

Quest Master also features local couch co-op, allowing players to team up with friends and battle against dungeon-dwelling foes together. With combat and movement skills honed in the Dojo, players can speedrun through community-created levels and compete for a place on the online leaderboards.


For those who prefer solo adventures, Quest Master offers a Puppet mode that allows players to switch between characters and conquer multiplayer maps alone. Additionally, players can take a break from dungeon-crawling to explore the charming Castle Town overworld, complete with a variety of mini-games to enjoy.

Quest Master Early Access PC

Julian Creutz, Lead Developer of Quest Master, expressed excitement about the game’s Early Access launch, noting the positive reception of the demo and the community’s enthusiasm for creating dungeons. With plans to introduce new features for the full release, Creutz assured fans that Quest Master is just getting started, promising an experience that will inspire dungeon designers for years to come.

Quest Master is now available in Early Access on PC via Steam, offering English language options for players eager to embark on their own epic adventures.

Would you be jumping into Quest Master during its Early Access phase on PC or will you wait until its full release to try it out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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