Apogee’s Quest Master Early Access Release Date Announced as Updated Demo Goes Live

Quest Master Early Access

Embark on a pixelated adventure as Apogee Entertainment’s dungeon-designing sandbox game, Quest Master gears up for its Early Access debut on PC via Steam on May 29, 2024. Accompanying this exciting announcement is an expanded and significantly updated demo available for players to dive into right away.

Quest Master invites players to immerse themselves in the fantastical world of Lanze, Javelynn, and their furry sidekick, Shiv. As the hero, heroine, and trusty companion, players can create intricately designed dungeons within a vibrant pixel art environment, reminiscent of classic ’90s top-down adventures. Craft narrative-driven quests or challenging obstacle courses for up to three adventurers simultaneously, and then share your creations with the Quest Master community, complete with filtering options and ratings.

Check out the Early Access Trailer below:

The updated demo introduces enhanced building tools that allow players to construct perilous journeys and puzzle-filled dungeons across various themes. From ornate temples to volcanic caverns and labyrinthine lairs, the possibilities are endless. Additionally, players can hone their combat skills in the dojo and try their luck in mini-games like Lucky’s Locks, where they hunt for hidden loot-filled chests amongst containers.

Dive into multi-tiered dungeons featuring levers, timed switches, moving platforms, stairwells, abyssal holes, and more. Guide adventurers with progress signposts, lock doors upon entry, and reward successful clears with treasure chests brimming with stat-boosting items.

Arm yourself with a variety of weapons and magical items, and face off against a diverse array of monsters, each with unique abilities and loot drops. Set up traps like flaming obstacles and retracting spikes, and design challenging boss encounters that blend battle mechanics with environmental hazards.

Quest Master Early Access

Julian Creutz, Lead Developer of Quest Master, expressed excitement about implementing community feedback into both the Early Access launch and the updated demo. He mentioned the incredible user-created dungeons seen in the demo and looks forward to providing more creative tools to quest masters worldwide.

Quest Master will be available in Early Access on Steam and GOG starting May 29, 2024, featuring English and German language support. Prepare to unleash your creativity and embark on epic adventures in the realm of Quest Master.

Would you be interested in playing Quest Master when it launches in Early Access later this month? Let us know in the comments section below.

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