Dungeon-Designing Sandbox Adventure Quest Master Announced by Apogee

Quest Master Early Access

Publisher Apogee Entertainment and developer Skydevilpalm have announced their latest dungeon-designing sandbox adventure called Quest Master. Quest Master is aiming to deliver a robust toolset to build retro top-down dungeons on PC when it launches in Early Access in Q3 2023. After remaining some time in Early Access, the full 1.0 release of Quest Master will be accompanied by a Nintendo Switch release as well.

Check out the announcement trailer for Quest Master below before we jump into additional details:

In Quest Master, you will craft your very own legendary journey from scratch with a detailed level creator who is able to make simple dungeons and overworld-connected quests in this faithful pixel art love letter to top-down action JRPG classics of the early gaming days. The intuitive UI will allow you to drag and drop dozens of themed design tiles onto a blank canvas to create lava-filled caverns, mountainous overworlds, grassy forests, desert dunes, and a lot more. You can also make it easier for other players to play it by providing instructions for the quest ahead or designing an epic narrative full of placeable NPCs and customization signs with dialogue options.

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After creating and finalizing your creation, you can play it yourself as you face enemies ranging from bats, surly snakes, and nefarious skeletons. You can fight the enemies with different weapons such as bows and swords. You can master weapons and use powerful magic while navigating user-created labyrinths, unlock doors, and solve puzzles. The options are plenty and it will give players to unleash their creativity. You can also place different traps or guide progression with bodies of water and boulders that can only be traversed with a hammer or flippers. Depending on your mood, you can either make the levels easy or turn them into a nightmare.

Quest Master

You can invent patience-testing experiences or entire quests with multiple biomes, complete with side quests and boss fights. The ability to place down enemy spawn points will ensure that there is always action going on or create challenging dungeons that can lock after entering them. You can play Quest Master solo or in co-op with up to three other players in multiplayer sessions. You can also create classic levels from other famous top-down action games of old and try out worlds created by other players.

Julian Creutz, Lead Developer of Quest Master comments:

Quest Master hands over the controls to the players to make whatever they want. The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to see all kinds of wacky dungeons and full-blown adventures players are able to come up with.

Quest Master is slated for release on PC via Steam Early Access in Q3 2023 and will also release on Nintendo Switch later after it has completed its Early Access journey.

What are your thoughts on Quest Master and is it something that you would be interested in playing solo or with your friends? Let us know in the comments section below.

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