Dune: Awakening Hits 1M Wishlist Milestone as Story Cinematic Reveals Key Decision That Changes Future of Arrakis

Dune: Awakening Story Cinematic

Fans of the Dune universe and the blockbuster film franchise from Legendary Entertainment are well aware of its heroic central figure, Paul Atreides, whose ability to foresee all possible futures has captivated audiences. This iconic narrative element sets the stage for Funcom’s highly anticipated Open World Survival MMO, Dune: Awakening as revealed in the latest story cinematic. Recently, the game achieved a significant milestone, surpassing 1 million wishlists on Steam, a testament to the growing excitement and anticipation surrounding its release.

This week, at the Summer Game Fest, Funcom premiered a new cinematic trailer that delves into a mind-bending alternate timeline, placing the future of Arrakis in the hands of the player. The trailer, voiced by Paul Atreides himself, portrays a spice vision of a world in which he was never born—a vision that introduces the concept of Dune: Awakening.

Check out the new Story Cinematic below:

Drawing visual inspiration from the award-winning cinematography of Denis Villeneuve’s film series, Dune: Awakening is set in an alternate timeline distinct from the original books and movies. This innovative narrative approach promises to stay true to the beloved Dune universe while offering unexpected twists that hinge on a pivotal decision, fundamentally reimagining the future of Arrakis.

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In this alternate timeline, Jessica Atreides never gave birth to Paul, choosing instead to follow the orders of the Bene Gesserit to have a daughter, Ariste Atreides. This key decision triggers a chain reaction that alters the course of history on Arrakis, leading to the survival of Duke Leto Atreides and igniting a War of Assassins between the Harkonnens and the Atreides. This war-torn Arrakis, devoid of the Fremen who have been hunted down, and centered around the precious spice, is the world players will enter in Dune: Awakening.

Dune: Awakening Story Cinematic

Joel Bylos, Creative Director at Funcom, expressed his excitement about sharing the details of this alternative timeline, describing it as “the pebble that starts a landslide” and highlighting the numerous intriguing opportunities it presents for players.

In Dune: Awakening, players will craft, build, scavenge, and fight to rise from survival to domination of Arrakis. The vast deserts will be shared with hundreds of other players, making it essential to distinguish between friends and foes.

As the game continues to generate buzz, more details about this alternate timeline and its implications will be revealed on June 20th in the Dune: Awakening Direct, Episode 2 livestream. This upcoming event promises to shed further light on the immersive and dynamic world Funcom has created, offering fans a deeper understanding of what to expect when they step into the desolate, yet richly storied landscape of Arrakis.

Dune: Awakening Story Cinematic

With its innovative narrative, visually stunning environments, and engaging gameplay, Dune: Awakening is poised to offer an unparalleled experience for both long-time fans and newcomers to the Dune saga. A Steam page for the game is now live and if you are interested in playing it, you can head over to Steam right now and add the game to your wishlist.

Are you looking forward to playing Dune: Awakening and what are your thoughts on the new story cinematic released for the game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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