Funcom Announces Open World Survival MMO Dune: Awakening

Dune: Awakening

We had known that Funcom is working on an open-world game set in the Dune universe and at Gamescom 2022, Funcom has finally lifted the curtains of its title. Funcom has officially announced Dune: Awakening, an open-world survival MMO inspired by Frank Herbert’s sci-fi masterpiece and the award-winning film by Denis Villeneuve. Dune: Awakening is set on Arrakis, and it explores exciting new opportunities in the franchise.

Check out the world premiere trailer for Dune: Awakening below:

Dune: Awakening was announced at the Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live and Funcom showcased a brand-new cinematic trailer for the game. The game combines the grittiness and creativity of survival games with the social interactivity of large-scale persistent multiplayer games to create a unique and ambitious open-world survival MMO. The game world will be shared by thousands of players as you rise from survival to dominance in a vast and seamless Arrakis.

You will head into unmapped sectors and be the very first person to discover secrets and riches before the Coriolis storms once again shift the sands and alter the landscape. As you explore these areas, you will also narrowly escape colossal sandworms, build your home from the shelter to the mighty base, and traverse the dunes in iconic vehicles featured in the franchise. You will hunt for spice, the most valuable resource in the game, deploy your harvester and then protect it from rival factions in fast-paced, deadly combat that shifts its pace quickly.

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You will have armored ground cars and ornithopters at your disposal as you plot your rise to power and build your influence within the Landstraad through careful intrigue. Rui Casais, CEO of Funcom commented:

Funcom has been pushing boundaries in the MMO genre for 20 years. It’s where our roots are. We built on that with Conan Exiles, our first big success in the survival space. With Dune: Awakening we’re bridging the survival and MMO genres to create something truly unique and ambitious within a universe we’re all so passionate about.

VP of Interactive Media at Legendary Entertainment, Sam Rappaport also said:

Dune: Awakening truly promises to bring the world of Dune to life in an exciting new way. We are thrilled to be creating this with a partner like Funcom, who is so adept at capturing the rich detail and wonder of cinematic worlds for the gaming audience.

Apart from Dune: Awakening, Funcom is currently also developing Dune: Spice Wars which is a 4X strategy game. Make sure to check our Early Access preview of the title as well. Dune: Awakening is slated for release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, and a beta is already planned for the title as well. If you want to apply for the beta, you can do so on the official website of the game right now. A Steam page for Dune: Awakening is now live as well where you can add the game to your wishlist if you want. Additional details about the game will be revealed in the coming months.

What are your thoughts on Dune: Awakening and is it something that you would be interested in playing when it comes out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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