Multiversal Platformer Duck Paradox World 2 Update Launched with New Content

Duck Paradox World 2 Update

The multiverse just got a lot groovier with the release of Duck Paradox’s World 2 update, The Disco Dimension. Developed by Magic Games and published by Midwest Games, this roguelike precision platformer has opened a new rift in the multiverse, adding 12 fresh levels and a brand new boss. As of today, PC gamers via Steam can dive into Duck Paradox and try out the World 2 Update filled with bouncing bullets, flashing lights, and a captivating disco soundtrack.

You can now dress up Quark, the beloved pet duck, in his best disco gear and race into a time-warp adventure. The new levels are packed with challenges that require precise timing and quick reflexes. Along the way, players can unlock new abilities and weapons, enhancing Quark’s capabilities as he navigates through the mind-bending reality of Disco Dimension.

Check out the World 2 Update launch trailer below:

One of the key highlights of the update is the introduction of the Rift Slash ability, which you can unlock by collecting enough items. This new ability allows for speedier dashes and opens up more multiversal access, making it easier to tackle the increasingly complex levels. Additionally, you can uncover the blooming Disco Flower to transform Quark into Disco Quark, a special form that unlocks World 2 and allows for warping through energy walls while solving the time loop to advance to safety.

The Disco Dimension is not just about surviving—it’s about using the environment to your advantage. You will encounter the giant bouncing Disco Ball, an obstruction that can be manipulated to break walls and clear pathways. Mastering the use of this Disco Ball is crucial to progressing through the levels and overcoming the various obstacles that stand in Quark’s way.

As you groove through the Disco Dimension, they will face Night Fever, a challenging boss battle that, when defeated, rewards players with a new weapon: the Mini Disco Ball blaster. This powerful new weapon empowers Dr. Paraducks, the game’s protagonist, to access new areas and decimate every danger in sight. Dr. Paraducks, a genius scientist on a quest to rescue her beloved pet duck from the chaotic realms of the multiverse, must use her trusty ray gun to blast corrupted ducks and dodge relentless waves of feathered foes.

Duck Paradox World 2 Update

Duck Paradox’s World 2 update is available now on PC via Steam Early Access, providing you with an early glimpse of the groovy adventures that await. The game is set to launch its 1.0 version worldwide in Q3 2024, complete with multiple localizations, ensuring that players from around the globe can join in on the disco-themed multiversal fun.

Are you looking forward to playing Duck Paradox and boogie into its World 2 Update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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