Delta Force: Hawk Ops Unveils New Trailer, PC Alpha Test Announced

Delta Force: Hawk Ops PC Alpha Test

Team Jade has unveiled the latest trailer for their highly anticipated title, Delta Force: Hawk Ops. This fresh look at the game captivated viewers, showcasing the intense and strategic gameplay that fans of the franchise can look forward to. Additionally, players eager to dive into Delta Force: Hawk Ops can now sign up for the Global PC Alpha Test by wishlisting the game on the Steam Store.

The newly released trailer plunges viewers straight into a quintessential Delta Force operation. The squad, demonstrating exceptional tactical prowess, plans and executes a high-stakes extraction mission. Each member’s unique strengths are highlighted, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and synergy in achieving mission success. The trailer’s dynamic and immersive visuals promise an adrenaline-pumping experience, setting the stage for what players can expect from the game.

Check out the new trailer below:

Fans don’t have to wait long to get a taste of the action. By visiting the game’s Steam Store page and adding Delta Force: Hawk Ops to their wishlist, players can sign up for the Global PC Alpha Test. Initially available exclusively on Steam, the Alpha Test will later expand to include a wider range of platforms and systems, ensuring that a broad audience can participate in refining the game’s mechanics and features.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops marks the latest installment in the classic shooter franchise, Delta Force, and introduces several exciting new features. The game will be free-to-play on PC, consoles, and mobile, offering three distinct game modes with cross-play support to ensure a seamless gaming experience across different platforms.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops Alpha


Large-Scale PvP Mode – Havoc Warfare:

In Havoc Warfare, players join large teams to battle across massive maps featuring authentic terrain. The mode includes a variety of military vehicles, tanks, and aircraft, allowing for expansive and strategic combat scenarios.

Extraction Mode – Hazard Operations:

Hazard Operations challenges players to squad up and compete against rival teams and AI-controlled mercenaries. This mode combines tactical gameplay with the popular extraction genre, featuring random events and PvE missions that offer valuable loot and keep players engaged.

Campaign Mode – Black Hawk Down:

Fans of the original Delta Force: Black Hawk Down will be thrilled with the Black Hawk Down campaign mode. This exciting recreation allows players to participate in the events of the 2001 Black Hawk Down movie, featuring characters and likenesses from the film. It serves as an officially licensed remaster of the original game, blending nostalgia with modern gameplay enhancements.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops Alpha

Delta Force: Hawk Ops promises to deliver a robust and engaging experience for both new players and long-time fans of the franchise. For more information about the game and to stay updated on its development, visit the game’s official website or add it to your Steam wishlist. Prepare to join the ranks of Delta Force and embark on high-stakes missions when Delta Force: Hawk Ops launches in the near future.

What are your thoughts on the latest Delta Force: Hawk Ops trailer and would you be jumping into the upcoming alpha next month? Let us know in the comments section below.

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