Metro Exodus Pre-Load

No Metro Exodus Pre-Load on Epic Games Store

In a tweet, the official Metro Exodus account has revealed that there will be no Metro Exodus pre-load on Epic Games Store. The initial tweet…

Metro Exodus Epic Games

Metro Exodus is Releasing on PC Through Epic Games Store

In recent news, Metro Exodus is coming on PC exclusively through Epic Games Store. This was revealed by both Epic Games and Deep Silver today….

Metro Exodux PC Specs

Metro Exodux PC Specs Revealed, Minimum to Extreme Performance

4A Games has revealed the PC specs for their upcoming game Metro Exodus. This is the third game in the Metro series over the years….

Metro Exodus Artyom Edition

You Can’t Buy the Metro Exodus Artyom Edition, But You Can Win It

Metro Exodus is set to launch next month for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and like many other big releases, it will come in…

Metro Exodus Story Trailer

Metro Exodus Story Trailer Launched, Take a Ride Through Russia

4A Games have revealed a new story trailer of Metro Exodus and it looks amazing. The new trailer focuses entirely on the story of the…

Metro Exodus Photo Mode

Metro Exodus Game Will Launch with a Photo Mode Feature

4A Games’ Metro Exodus will come with a photo mode in the game at its launch. The feature will be first ever in the series…

Metro Exodus Pre-Load

Metro Exodus Brings New Gameplay Trailer in Gamescom 2018

4A Games have just released a gameplay trailer of Metro Exodus in Gamescom 2018, and has also confirmed a release date set for February 22,…