Review: Construction Simulator – Liebherr Pack – Another Great Addition to the Construction Fleet

Review Construction Simulator Liebherr Pack

After a solid year of excellent construction DLCs and machinery, weltenbauer and astragon Entertainment are now looking ahead at another year of fresh DLC for their brilliant Construction Simulator. Released all the way back in September 2022, Construction Simulator is still going strong with the developer releasing some solid DLCs and expansion packs for the game like the Spaceport Expansion, Airfield Expansion, and SANY Pack. The base game itself is pretty solid and we consider it one of the best construction titles currently available in the market. To make the game even better, we are now getting the very first DLC pack which expands the Liebherr lineup of construction machines in the game. This is our review of the new Liebherr Pack for Construction Simulator on PC where we take brand-new crawlers and other machinery for a spin.

One thing you should make clear is that this is not a brand introduction pack for Construction Simulator. Liebherr was already present in the game with a decent number of machines and this pack further expands their listing with six brand-new machines catering to diverse jobs. If you love driving Crawlers, the new pack adds three brand-new crawler machines to the game including the LR 636 Litronic, PR 756 Litronic, and the R 938. LR 636 Litronic is a brand-new crawler loader that excels at tackling tough terrains and rugged surfaces and if you want to move around dirt in rugged and harsh environments, it will not disappoint you.

Review Construction Simulator Liebherr Pack

Next, we have the PR 756 Litronic, a crawler tractor dozer that will allow you to shift dirt and other materials around quickly on any terrain despite the difficulty. You can use it to gather or spread materials around quickly while the new LR 636 Litronic quickly picks it up and dumps it somewhere else. Finally, the R 939 is the latest when it comes to crawler excavators by Liebherr. It follows the updated design of the generation 8 machines by the brand and while it is not the biggest in the game, it is the newest in terms of technology and it comes with tracks that make it suitable for literally any terrain in the game.

Next up, we have the HTM 1204 ZA Truck Mixer which is my least favorite machine in the bunch. This is because I am not a fan of any construction machine that is unable to move on its own and for moving around the HTM 1204 ZA, you will need a tractor cab or any other truck with a hook. While it does make up for its huge volume of storage, it falls short because you will need to bring in another truck or machine to move it around and this is just not right. It might be beneficial in certain situations, but I still used the traditional concrete mixers or concrete pumps with mixers and I had more fun pouring around cement and concrete on the projects.

Review Construction Simulator Liebherr Pack

Moving on, we have the TA 230 Litronic, another brand-new model of the Articulated Dump Truck by Liebherr. While these are not my choice of dump trucks, I gave the new TA 230 Litronic a try and it seems to be a pretty decent truck. The articulation comes in handy in certain tight spots, but its capacity still falls short when compared to normal dump trucks, so I am still not a fan of them. The bigger tires and ground clearance do come in handy where the terrain is non-existent but apart from that, I do not find them useful, and I mostly prefer the standard dump trucks for nearly all of my tasks.

Out of all the new vehicles added to the game, my favorite one is the T 60-9s Telehandler or Telescopic Handler because it is so much better than the traditional forklifts in the game. For some reason, while it does the same job as the standard forklifts, driving it around and using it for lifting and stacking items feels so much better. It handles exceptionally well, and the lift works smoothly as well. Apart from the Telehandler, the rest of the machines do have their substitutes with other brands. I think that the mixer trailer is not functional since you will need a tractor to move it around. It is just more convenient to just use a traditional concrete mixer instead, but if you were looking for additional Liebherr vehicles, now you have it.

Review Construction Simulator Liebherr Pack

If you purchased the Season 2 Pass, you would already get the Liebherr Pack as part of it however, if you skipped the Season 2 Pass, it all boils down to your personal choice if you want to purchase this pack. For me, the Telehandler sells this pack. If you are tired of using the old, boring forklifts doing all of the lifting in the game, I will say go for this pack because this single vehicle sold me on the pack. On the other hand, Liebherr does have some really beautiful and sturdy-looking construction machines, so the rest of the fleet looks good in your inventory as well. This is one of the best brands currently available in Construction Simulator so this DLC pack should appeal to a large number of players.

Final Verdict:

While Liebherr is not an entirely new brand arriving in Construction Simulator, the new machines arriving in the game are certainly new. With newer models and newer utility options, you are certainly going to use them a lot more in the game than their counterparts because of the added enhancements they come with. You will love using the Telehandler but apart from this particular vehicle, the rest will depend on your brand loyalty. There were other options already available with other brands but if you want to remain loyal to Liebherr and only use their machines, you will enjoy the new expanded lineup especially some of them are the newer versions.

Final Score: 8.0/10

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