Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout – Tips & Tricks, Helicopter Locations, Max Level

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout

Black Ops 4 has come in a bundle with a brand new game mode called Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout which is the first ever take of a Battle Royale game in the Call of Duty series by Activision. While following the same format of any Battle Royale game, Blackout comes with a multiple additions of features like Mystery Boxes and Perks to be used in during the match.

If you are just beginning with Blackout, you can read our Tips and Tricks guide below to get a hold of things in the Blackout world. While the points we mention will be basic, it will give you an idea before you start a game to come in at the same pace as other players in the map.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout – Tips and Tricks

Below we have listed a few tips and tricks for you, which highlight the feature in the game, and what items you can use during the gameplay that you might oversee otherwise.

  • When you jump out of the chopper, you can drop in fast for a fast landing, allowing you to search for a weapon and resources faster.
  • If you want to land in an area with a lot of traffic, land in Construction Site or Firing Range for the first few rounds to get a hold onto the gameplay, and learn to be competitive in the game.
  • There many special items in the game that are available to you. Items like Perks give you certain abilities that help in the gameplay. In addition, Mystery Boxes can give you rare and valuable weapons and armor that is hard to find otherwise.
  • Mystery Boxes are located by a blue beam of light, they are protected by zombies which you have to kill to get the loot in the Mystery Box.
  • Melee doesn’t work like in Black Ops 4 multiplayer, but instead for Blackout, melee attacks deal very less damage to opponents and it isn’t advisable to attack with knifes and punches over a rifle.
  • Level 3 armor is the best armor as it is the only armor that can also protect you from headshots.
  • You can shoot underwater as weapon combat can continue underwater as well. Use shadows and prone to hide, this helps a lot in Blackout as it is easy to hide.
  • You cannot hide in bushes as they are solid.
  • For Console players, use Triangle to switch weapons quickly.
  • Use Quick Equip instead of the menu system which is clumsy.
  • Much like any other Battle Royale game, Supply Drops also come down in during the match in Blackout. Look out for these drops for weapons like sniper rifles and armor.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout – Helicopter Locations

In Blackout, there are ATVs that you can use to travel around in this huge map, or to escape the collapse zone. But there are also helicopters which are the best way to travel to a location fast.

Helicopters are probably the best way to move around but can be the target of attention and incoming attacks from enemies below.

Helicopters can spawn anywhere in the map in every round, but only spawn on Helipads in any location. We have located every Helipad in the map that can have a helicopter in any match. The locations with Helipads are:

  • Firing Range
  • Factory
  • Estates
  • Cargo Docks
  • Nuketown Island
  • Construction Site
  • Turbine

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout – Max Level

Blackout also has leveling progression system that is also found in regular multiplayer, but with a few differences. The first is that you get points score by getting kills and surviving as long as you can in a round. Another key difference is that the levels are capped at 80, which tells us that you will not go any higher than level 80.

About the Leveling up David Vonderhaar said in an interview to Game Informer, “Right now, there’s 80 levels in the Blackout leveling system. It is a performance-based leveling system. Like I mentioned, in order to level up, you have to get kills, you have to get to the top five or 10 or whatever. You will simply not level up if you’re not doing good. That’s very different than most traditional leveling systems.”

So if you are looking to level up in Blackout, look for more kills and survive longer in the game. In addition, completing challenges also give you merit points that will increase you level.

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