Bungie Unlocks Forge in Destiny 2: Black Armory After Players Fail to Solve Puzzle

Bungie Forge Destiny 2

Earlier this week, Bungie dropped in Bergusia Forge in Destiny 2: Black Armory, which could only be open by solving a puzzle with the help of the whole community in trying so solve and unlock the last Forge.

Many players, streamers and fans tried their luck art unlocking the Forge, but nothing significant could be found to get to the rewards of the Forge. But now it seems that Bungie has unlocked the Forge themselves since players failed to find a way to solve the puzzle.

Bungie had previously announced that the Forge will open on Wednesday at 2 pm PT, regardless whether the puzzle is solved or not.

While coming together as a community to solve puzzles can be fun, setting this puzzle up as a gate between you and new content that you want to play has not been an ideal experience,” said Bungie. “As such, we will be decoupling the puzzle from the final offering of the Black Armory. All Annual Pass owners will be able to experience the Bergusia Forge when the puzzle is solved or when the deadline expires – whichever happens first.

Now that the final Forge is open, you can now visit the Bergusia Forge by going into the European Dead Zone, Niobe Labs. This area can be accessed by a broken bridge that is located near the Sojourner’s Camp in the Outskirts. Pass the bridge to access a gorge, which will then lead you to a cave through which you can pass to access the hidden facility.

Now that the Forge is unlocked, you can now complete an exotic quest that will reward you with Izanagi’s Burden, a sniper rifle able to charge one shot with the entire magazine.  There is also a high chance that a Jotunn will drop once you have completed the Forge, so its worthwhile grinding it a couple of times if you want to get this fusion rifle.

What do you think of the items in the Forge? Post your thoughts and comments below.

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