Battlefield 5 Firestorm Revealed, Brings Tractor Cannons and Boat Jeeps

Battlefield 5 Firestorm Revealed

DICE has finally revealed the release trailer and a confirmed date for its long-awaited battle royale mode Firestorm for Battlefield 5. The new action packed trailer for Firestorm not only reveals the release date but also tractor propelled cannons and boat jeeps that players will be using in the mode.

The new trailer also reveals the gameplay for the first time as we see players dropping in the map and using different tactics to take down the opposition. We can see players using typical weapons as well as using special attacks such as calling in artillery strikes on marked locations.

Firestorm also features vehicles in the battle royale mode. The trailer shows a tractor propelled cannon, small helicopters and tanks as well. Firestorm is going to be the first battle royale game which will feature many vehicles and players will have complete control over them. These are not utility and weird vehicles like we have seen in Fortnite but these are actual battle vehicles like tanks and helicopters.

Check out the action packed trailer below.

Introduction of vehicles in a battle royale game is going to put a nice twist to the overall formula. At this point we do not know how optimized the mode is going to be but we can be sure that it features most destruction elements and action on a much larger scale than any other battle royale game at this point.

It is very important to note the timing of Firestorm because Apex Legends came out last month and its first Battle Pass is right around the corner. Epic Games also released Season 8 for Fortnite recently. Treyarch is also releasing some new content for its battle royale Blackout. This might be the best time for its release or it could be the worst time for its release depending how good the mode is.

Addition of vehicles is certainly going to give Firestorm a big advantage over the competition. No other battle royale game has free use of vehicles other than Blackout but the vehicles are not really tanks or jeeps that can become boats in water.

The game’s success will also depend on how well adjusted vehicle combat and normal on-foot combat is balanced in the game. Most of the time we see that vehicles are more problematic and players prefer fighting on foot rather than in vehicles. We will find out soon enough.

Firestorm is releasing on March 25, 2019 for all Battlefield 5 players free of cost. It is not available standalone and the full game must be purchased in order to play the free battle royale mode.


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