Wuthering Waves Leveling Guide – How to Increase SOL3, Union, Data Bank Levels

Wuthering Waves Leveling Guide

In Wuthering Waves, there are many different ways to level up and get stronger. These systems also offer various rewards for your hard work. Some of these systems, such as your SOL3 Phase and Union Level, might slow down your progress in other areas. So, it’s important to understand how to level up quickly so you can enhance the strength of your team effectively and we are here to guide you with this. Our Wuthering Waves Leveling Guide is here to tell you everything that you need to know about leveling up quickly in the game.

Leveling Guide – Wuthering Waves

Below you will find detailed instructions on how you can easily increase your SOL3, Union and Data Bank levels in Wuthering Waves.

Since SOL3 Phase and Union Level are interconnected, both are discussed together here. Nearly every action you undertake in Wuthering Waves contributes to Union EXP, whether you’re activating Resonance Beacons, unlocking treasure chests, or finishing quests. This allows for gradual leveling while exploring or following the storyline. For those focused on maximizing efficiency, certain activities offer higher Union EXP gains than others.

Complete Quests

Quests in Wuthering Waves are narrative-driven adventures that reward a significant amount of Union EXP. These quests come in different types, including main story quests, side quests, and companion quests. Completing these quests is beneficial as they offer insights into the world’s characters and progress the storyline of Wuthering Waves. While none of these quests require excessive time commitment if approached with focus, each quest can only be completed once. It is particularly essential to complete at least Chapter 1, Act 3: Ominous Star, as it unlocks various additional features within the game.

Boss Battles

After finishing Chapter 1, Act 3: Ominous Star, you’ll gain access to Boss Challenges. These challenging foes offer rewards if you spend 60 waveplates to engage them. Each boss challenge grants additional rewards, such as increased Union EXP, the first time you defeat them. By participating regularly, you can earn repeat rewards and have a chance to acquire valuable Echoes.

Complete Daily Activities

After completing Chapter 1, Act 3: Ominous Star, players can access Daily Activities, consisting of straightforward tasks yielding either 20 or 40 points each. Accumulating 20 points earns rewards, such as Union EXP, with a maximum of 100 points per day. These quick tasks take only a few minutes to complete and can yield approximately 2000 Union EXP daily, making them a crucial daily priority for all players.

SOL3 Phase

Your SOL3 Phase is closely linked to your Union Level, determining the strength of your adversaries and the rewards you earn from repeatable challenges. Every 10 Union Levels you achieve will increase your SOL3 Phase. However, every 20 Union Levels (like 20, 40, 60, etc.), you must complete a SOL3 Phase Ascension quest to advance further. Otherwise, your SOL3 Phase remains at its current level until the quest is completed. You can intentionally delay this progression if you haven’t focused on enhancing your team and their equipment. Conversely, if you find your opponents too formidable, you can lower your SOL3 Phase, which is advisable to do promptly.

Increase Your Data Bank Level Quickly

The Data Bank functions as a special feature within Wuthering Waves, similar to a game within a game. In this system, defeating most enemies (excluding humans) can yield Echoes as rewards. These Echoes can be collected and then attached to Resonators, enabling them to gain new transformation abilities and passive boosts to their stats. Each new Echo collected adds to your Data Bank’s experience, which determines the potential strength of future Echo drops. Obtaining rare and powerful Echoes enhances your Data Bank further, creating a cycle of continuous improvement. Following these suggestions can help expedite this progression.


After completing Chapter 1, Act 2 and unlocking Echoing Marche, the Guidebook becomes available. It helps you keep track of enemies you’ve battled by pointing out the closest one of their kind. This feature lets you concentrate on fighting a particular type of enemy if you’re aiming to collect specific items or, more importantly, more powerful and rare Echoes.


Certain adversaries are exclusive to certain regions. If you encounter the same opponents frequently, consider exploring different areas. For example, creatures in the Dim Forest differ from those in the Gorges of Spirits or Desorock Highland. This exploration allows you to discover new Echoes and gain more experience points for your Data Bank. This becomes particularly relevant once your Data Bank reaches a higher rarity tier, as revisiting extensively explored areas can yield stronger Echoes and additional experience points.

Grind Tacet Fields

At Union Level 19, once unlocked, these repeatable activities offer random Echoes from certain Sonata Effect groups. You can redeem these Echoes using Waveplates. If you want to expand your collection, these activities are a great starting point. Each activity also gives a bonus reward for the first completion, which includes several Echoes.

Beat Boss Challenges And Do Not Forget Your SOL3 Phase

These points were mentioned before, but it’s important to emphasize them again. The boss creatures can be battled multiple times, even if you’ve run out of Waveplates. This is because defeating them offers a chance to capture an Echo. Echoes not only help increase your Data Bank EXP but also offer potent attacks when equipped.

Although your SOL3 Phase doesn’t directly match your Data Bank Level, it does get capped eventually if you don’t boost your SOL3 Phase. Higher rarity Echoes cannot be captured until you raise your Data Bank level. So, if you’re feeling stuck in your progress, this is likely the reason.

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This concludes our Wuthering Waves Leveling Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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