New Xenon Racer Trailer Showcases Miami and Tokyo

Xenon Racer Trailer

3DClouds and Soedesco have released a new trailer for their upcoming racing game Xenon Racer which showcases Miami and Tokyo. This trailer is the first in a series of four City Showcase trailers.

The new trailer focuses on two in-game locations where players will battle against other racers in futuristic cars. Both Miami and Tokyo will feature a different number of tracks in the new game. The new trailer introduces one track from Miami, Florida and six different tracks based in Tokyo, Japan.

The track set in Miami, Florida is ‘Miami Seaside’. Six tracks based in Tokyo, Japan include ‘Tokyo Downtown’, ‘Tokyo Garden’, ‘Tokyo Highway’, ‘Tokyo EXPO’, ‘Tokyo Port’ and ‘Tokyo Skyscrapers’.

You can check out the trailer below.

Other locations that were revealed earlier for the game include Boston, Massachusetts and Dubai. Both of these locations are confirmed for the game as well. This makes four locations to be confirmed for the game so far. Each location will feature a different number of tracks.

Xenon Racer is a new upcoming futuristic racing game set in the year 2030 by Soedesco and 3DClouds which features highly advanced racing machines. The game also features a very unique visual theme which looks great in the game’s engine.

The game will feature both single and multiplayer with different unique modes. These game modes include Fast Race, Elimination, Time Attack, Championship and Checkpoint. Each mode will bring new challenges for the players to test their mettle in.

A closed beta was held last week and players were able to experience Xenon Racer. So far fans are very happy with the game and they really liked the visuals and mechanics of the title. This looks like a solid racing game for the year 2019.

Xenon Racer is slated for release on March 26, 2019 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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