War Hospital to Get a Dose of Authenticity as Developer Partners with Imperial War Museums

War Hospital 2024

Brave Lamb Studio, the developer behind War Hospital, has announced that it is teaming up with Imperial War Museums for the development of its title. War Hospital is a game based on the realities of World War I and to keep the video game as close to the original events of the past, UK’s Imperial War Museums will help in the development of the title.

If you are unaware of UK’s Imperial War Museums, it is a British organization that includes five branches dedicated to uncovering the causes, course, and consequences of war from the very first World War through to the present day. As part of the partnership, its experts will consult on the historical aspect of the game and act as advisors for the game developers. This makes War Hospital the very first game to be Brand Licensed by Imperial War Museums.

War Hospital Imperial War Museums

The developer has released a new trailer announcing the partnership that you can check out linked below:

David Fenton, Head of Retail & Admissions, Imperial War Museums said:

As a leading authority on 20th and 21st century conflicts, we will be working closely with the Brave Lamb Studio creative team to enhance the world depicted in the game. We are excited to help add realism to a game that depicts the realities of World War I in a way never seen before.

Michał Dziwniel, producer and board member, of Brave Lamb Studio also added:

Imperial War Museums is a partner that delivers value in two dimensions. The first is historical accuracy – we are working with the best source of data on World War I, which we will certainly use. The second aspect is reaching out to all members of the history enthusiast community who recognize the Imperial War Museums brand in Europe. In doing so, it should be noted that we are the first game to be Brand Licensed by the IMW. I think this is a special honor for us.

War Hospital was announced back at the Future Games Show early this year and it is a war-themed tactical game in which you take on the role of a retired British combat medic Major Henry Wells. Due to the war, Henry is drafted back into the army and is sent back to the frontlines of World War I to help and treat those injured during the conflict. You can add War Hospital to your wishlist on Steam while you wait for the title’s 2022 release. This is certainly a unique take on World War I and if you love battle games, you are certainly going to love this new approach to the genre as well. The game combines both RTS and survival mechanics together with a strong decision-making mechanic in place.

War Hospital Imperial War Museums


What do you think about the consultation of the UK’s Imperial War Museums on War Hospital? Let us know in the comments section below.

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