Ubisoft Might Be Releasing a Ubisoft Pass Subscription Service Soon

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Ubisoft might be considering to release Ubisoft Pass according to a recent leak on Ubisoft Store. The leak or glitch was spotted by a ResetEra member who posted a picture of the placeholder image on the Ubisoft Store which displayed Ubisoft Pass however there was no image above the service or its price.

This could mean that an official reveal is coming soon and the upcoming E3 2019 might be the perfect place for such an announcement. This service could be similar to EA Access which allows the subscribers to play all recent EA releases along with a handful of other EA titles by paying a monthly premium price. Since nearly every developer is going down this road, it only makes sense that Ubisoft would launch its own premium access service as well.

At this point, Ubisoft does not offer any sort of subscription service to its players. However, if you consider the game library of Ubisoft, it is much bigger and diverse than EA so if Ubisoft launches a subscription service similar to EA Access, it will be much better than EA’s service as EA seriously lacks titles in its service.

Ubisoft Pass

The best aspect of EA Access is that it offers access to all new releases to its subscribers. If Ubisoft is indeed planning to release its own subscription service, it must be equally competitive with EA Access if not better than it. Having more titles on the list will simply make it much better than EA Access.

Ubisoft often gives free titles on its Uplay client and the most recent one they gave away for free was Steep which was given to all existing Uplay members for free. If Ubisoft is planning to release a subscription service in the near future, we might stop getting freebies. However, at this point, no further information is known about the service. We are expecting that Ubisoft will officially unveil the service on E3 2019 if not before it.

Will you subscribe to Ubisoft Pass if it launches? Let us know in the comments section below.


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