Two Point Hospital Beginner’s Guide – Set Up Hospital, Wards, Reception

Two Point Hospital Beginner’s Guide

In this Two Point Hospital Beginner’s Guide, we will show you how to set up your hospital for it to run successfully. We will also guide you in what rooms and offices you will need to build in the hospital that the doctors and nurses would require, along with the amenities required inside of the hospital for patients.

Twin Point Hospital is a business simulation game developed by Twin Point Studios. For fans that love a hospital theme, this hospital tycoon game is their best bet. Two Point Hospital is specifically a management based game where you have to manage the hospital rooms, doctors, nurses and janitors; you also get to train your staff to run the hospital successfully.

Two Point Hospital – Beginners Guide

In this Two Point Hospital Beginners Guide, we will show you how to begin setting up your hospital efficiently and what steps you should take once your hospital starts to run its operations smoothly.

Two Point Hospital – Rooms & Offices Setup Guide

In two Point Hospital, begin by quickly placing a reception, toilets, staff room and General Physician’s office. Once you have the locations ready, you can add one doctor, one nurse, and one janitor to start your hospital to treat patients.

Two Point Hospital Beginner’s Guide

Another tip that you must remember, is to build specific treatment departments according to the patients needs. For example, if a patient requires a psychiatrist, build a room and hire one only after you see a demand for it. This strategy will save you money that would be otherwise wasted on building unnecessary wards and rooms.

Two Point Hospital – Amenities Guide

Amenities in your hospital such as benches, trash bins and toilets are a must if you don’t want your patients to leave a bad review of the hospital. In addition, you can also add vending machines for snacks and drinks for the patients to use as they wait for the doctor.

This will increase your hospital’s rank and reputation and also keeps your patients happy. Keeping your hospital looking pretty will go a long way.

Two Point Hospital – Challenges Guide

You will come across sudden challenges while you play the game. These can be of various forms like medical emergencies or a VIP wanting a tour. You need to accept these challenges always.

This can earn you a lot of cash with rank and reputation if your hospital is well set up and is spotless. The challenges come in time limits so you should switch your priority in completing them first as they pop up.

Two Point Hospital – Spending Kudosh

Two Point Hospital Beginner’s Guide

A special in-game currency of Two Point Hospital is called Kudosh. Unlike cash, Kudosh can used to buy better items from a catalog. These items can increase your rank and reputation with items that you decide to buy and use.

The more items you buy and set up in a room the more aesthetically pleasing it will be for patients. Buy and Air conditioner for the General Physician’s office as this will increase reputation.

Two Point Hospital – Hospital Expansion Guide

Once your hospital is seeing a decent amount of patients coming in and things are running smoothly, we suggest you only expand your hospital when you need to. Expanding a hospital can take a huge chunk out of your money so you have to decide wisely.

In situations that you absolutely have to expand, for example when you need space for Pan’s Lab or Clown Clinic, which are big rooms, consider expanding so you can place these rooms to fulfill the demand of your patients.

This concludes our Two Point Hospital – Beginners Guide. If you wish to add anything, feel free to comment below.

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