Two Point Hospital Training Guide – Training Room, Training Staff

Two Point Hospital Training Guide

In this Two Point Hospital Training Guide, we will guide you on how you can train your doctors, nurses and janitors in Two Point Hospital. It is very important that you train your staff so they can be most effective while doing their duties. A poorly trained staff will not be able to run your hospital and its rating will drop instead of going up.

Two Point Hospital was a much needed game and it reminds us of our childhood game Theme Hospital which was a brilliant hospital simulator of its time and it still holds a special place in our hearts. Two Point Hospital brings the same Theme Hospital soul but in a modern fashion with brand new visuals and mechanics.

Two Point Hospital Training Guide

Our Two Point Hospital Training Guide details everything that you need to know in order to train your staff, which include doctors, nurses and janitors in Two Point Hospital.

Initially when you start the game, training will not be a feature available to you. You must clear some initial training sessions and hospitals before this feature is finally available for you. Once this feature is unlocked, you will be able to train your doctors, nurses and janitors easily.

Build a Training Room

Before you start training, you will need proper space for all the training sessions. For this purpose, you must first build a training room. The training room can be of an average size but must have at least one teaching desks and a decent amount of trainee desks. You can put as many trainee desks in a teaching room as you like, as some missions will require you to train a specific number of trainees.

Training Staff

Now that you have a proper space for training, you can start training your staff. Click on the training room and check the information panel at the bottom. Click ‘Start Training Course’ to access the training menu. From here, you can pick who to train and which skill to teach them.

You must always start with the trainees, as they are fresh to the job so they must acquire new skills to be more efficient at the hospital. Once you have allotted the staff to their training locations, they will be there for some time.

Always make sure that there is enough backup staff available to cover for them otherwise, you will not be able to run your hospital properly. If you a lot all of the staff to the training and there is no one left to cover for them, you will not be able to run your hospital.

Trainings will also cost money so you will need to keep an eye on your total bank account as well. Sometimes it is wise to wait a bit and train doctors later and save your cash to run the hospital. It is not advisable to burn all your cash on trainings and then have none at a later stage to run your hospital.

Trainings and skills are of different types. Each type of staff can learn a variety of skills but you need to make sure that you are allotting the right type of training and skills to the right type of staff. Teaching doctors how to catch ghosts is not going to do well for you. Instead, train doctors some ABC of Psychiatry and Research. Janitors are good enough for ghost capturing.

To check how efficient a staff member is in his job, click on it and check his star rating. The maximum amount is five, which shoes a very well trained staff member while a one star will represent an unskilled staff member. When you start training, always start with the staff members who have a one star rating.

In addition, you can also choose the teacher who will be training your staff. You can either pick one of your own senior staff member to teach the juniors or hire the services of a third-party expert who can help you train your staff. We recommend that you go for third-party specialists, as your own staff will need to look after the hospital as well.

You also have the option of hiring some temporary staff that can assist you in running your hospital while most of the staff is under training. This will not affect your day to day operations of the hospital and will allow you to train the majority of the staff at the same time as well.

You can always fire the extra workers later easily. Simply choose an employee, when the menu opens, choose fire employee to fire them instantly. Although you will feel bad for some time but they were extra burden on your expenses anyway now that your own staff is back fully trained.

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This concludes our Two Point Hospital Training Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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