Two Point Hospital Monobeasts Guide – How to Get Rid

Two Point Hospital Monobeasts Guide

In this Two Point Hospital Monobeasts Guide, we will guide you how to rid your hospital of Monobeasts, cleaning your hospital to prevent future Monobeast infestation.

In Two Point Hospital, you will come across small worm like creatures scurrying around in the halls and hiding behind objects and furniture. These worms are called Monobeasts that will make your hospital their home if your hospital is kept in a dirty condition.

Two Point Hospital is a business simulation game developed by Two Point Studios. For fans that love a hospital theme, this hospital tycoon game is their best bet. Two Point Hospital is specifically a management based game where you have to manage the hospital rooms, doctors, nurses and janitors; you also get to train your staff to serve your patients and run the hospital successfully.

Two Point Hospital – How to get rid of Monobeasts

You may find Monobeasts when you move furniture around. These creepy crawlers feed and multiply in dirty conditions of the hospital. To reduce their numbers, hire more janitors to keep the hygiene level up inside the hospital.

In addition, you can also kill a few Monobeasts yourself. begin with setting up the game speed at normal, and then select the monobeast once you have located it. Select the target with your mouse and click on it to squish it. This will kill the Monobeast.

If you decide to go hunting for Monobeasts, and to make your hospital totally clean, you can look for Monobeasts hiding under furniture, snack machines and garbage bins.

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This concludes our Two Point Hospital Monobeasts Guide. If you wish to add anything to this guide, feel free to comment below.

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