Two Point Hospital Research Guide – Research Labs, Hiring Research Staff

Two Point Hospital Research Guide

In this Two Point Hospital Research Guide, we will guide you on how you can complete researches in order to unlock new equipment and items for your hospital in Two Point Hospital. Research is an integral part in Two Point Hospital and it allows you to unlock new and better items and equipment, which allows you to earn more profit in the game.

Our Two Point Hospital Research Guide aims at providing you with all the information that you need about research in Two Point Hospital and how you can complete them. We will list all requirements below and how you can achieve them in order to start researching new equipment and items for you hospital.

Research – Two Point Hospital Detailed Guide

Before you start initiating researches, you will need to build a Research Lab. It is not available to you right at the start but as you play the story mode, it will be unlocked after certain stages. Once you have unlocked the Research Lab, you can start building research labs in your future hospitals.

Also if you are worried about researching and then losing the new equipment and items for the next hospital then you will be glad to know that all researches carry on to your next hospital so you will not lose them. In addition, you can stop them in one hospital and then resume them in the next hospital at will. This allows you great freedom to switch between preferred researches to cater for current levels.

Once you have placed your Research Lab in the hospital, your primary goal should be to increase the room level to 5. It can be achieved easily by placing more research stations inside the lab or more gold certificates. This will help in increased research speed. Having more than 1 Research Labs in the hospital is also a great way to increase your research capacity.

Hiring Research Staff

Once your desired Research Labs are set, choose them and increase the extra staff to maximum. You can hire or train doctors for these labs and allot them to their labs until all labs are fully staffed. Start with researching the Research trait, which will allow your researchers to learn subsequent traits.

This will make the research process very efficient. To make it even more efficient, choose the researchers and click the job tab. Remove all job tasks and only assign them Research to make them work only in Research Labs. This is a great feature and it will help you make your research process even faster.

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This concludes our Two Point Hospital Research Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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