Two Point Hospital Ghost Guide – How to get Rid of Ghosts

Two Point Hospital Ghost Guide

In this Two Point Hospital Ghost Guide, we will guide you how to get rid of Ghosts that will haunt your hospital. Ghosts appear randomly when a patient dies and decides to come back in the form of a ghost.

In Two Point hospital, you will find that inevitably a patient will die in the game if not tended to. These patients may sometime come back as ghosts and haunt your hospital. This will make the patients and your staff to be unhappy, as the ghosts will roam around the halls and scare patients away. Unless you want a haunted hospital, you will need to get rid of them and keep your business running smoothly.

Two Point Hospital is a business simulation game developed by Two Point Studios. For fans that love a hospital theme, this hospital tycoon game is their best bet. Two Point Hospital is specifically a management based game where you have to manage the hospital rooms, doctors, nurses and janitors; you also get to train your staff to serve your patients and run the hospital successfully.

Two Point Hospital Ghost Guide – How to get Rid of Ghosts

Two Point Hospital Ghost Guide

To remove ghosts from your hospital, you need to hire Janitor Ghostbusters. These Janitors are special because instead of cleaning the hospital, they clear out the halls from ghosts.

A ghost icon above such staff will differentiate the Janitor Ghostbusters; these janitors are experts in capturing ghosts and storing them in a little jar.

Along with the janitors, your staff members need to be qualified for this position, which is by having the Ghost-Catching perk unlocked. If not, the janitors will be useless in capturing the ghosts.

Do you want your hospital to have the best trained staff? Read our Two Point Hospital Staff Training guide.

This concludes our Two Point Hospital Ghost Guide. If you wish to add anything to this guide, feel free to comment below.

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