Tony Stark Easter Egg Found in Marvel’s Spider-Man, Possible Iron Man Appearance?

Tony Stark

Marvel’s Spider-Man launched September 7, 2018 and fans loved every bit of it. The game shines the best in combat and web swinging mechanism. Story is fabulously directed by Insomniac games. Developers at Insomniac delievered what fans have always wanted.

Game Director Hints at Venom Appearance In Marvel’s Spider-Man Sequel

If you have already played the game you may have noticed few easter eggs. We recently noticed Tony Stark reference. The easter egg is well hidden in a cinematic. Check out the video below to find out where you missed Tony Stark easter egg:

We have currently no official information From Insomniac if Tony Stark or Iron Man will appear in DLCs or not. Also, Insomniac has not detailed any other information on its DLCs, except first one which features Black Cat. Fingers crossed for possible Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man appearance in DLC or sequel.

If you have already beaten the game then you should know that Insomniac Games has announced that they are already working on new game plus mode and it will come to the game soon in the form of a free update.

This was revealed when Insomniac Games replied to a fan on Twitter who wanted to know whether Insomniac Games plans to add a NG+ feature in the game for fans who want to start the game again with all their unlocked gadgets, costumes and other skills. Insomniac Games replied that they are working on the mode and seems to be in the final stages as they are polishing it up at the moment.

Currently there is no information on its release date and what sort of content will be added to the game, we can surely tell that since it is in the final polishing stages, it will not be long before it comes out. Coming to the content, it might add some new challenges to the game and even better upgrades and skills just like when God of War’s New Game Plus mode came out.

It might also introduce a new difficulty mode to the game to cater to more hardcore gamers who found the game very easy. This is not confirmed at the moment but we are looking forward for an official announcement by Insomniac Games on details on the New Game Plus mode.

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