PlayStation Plus Games For Month of October Revealed

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We previously covered a leaked image on PlayStation Plus games for the month of October. Seems like it was a hoax. The games for October are revealed. The survival horror and futuristic sports is the theme for this month. Also, both games feature online multiplayer gameplay.

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Friday The 13th and Leaser League are joining the free games. Only PlayStation Plus members will be able to add the games to their library for free. The free games will be available starting from October 2, 2018.

Friday The 13th game is based on survival horror theme. The game features online multiplayer gameplay. Survivors have to escape the horror so that they may not be brutally murdered by Jasoon Voorhees.

If you play as Jasoon Voorhees, you sole objective is to brutalize the people if found in the cabin. The other players will try to run away, they can not fight back the Jason. All it takes for Jason is to find people.

Friday the 13th

If you play as survivors, all you need to do is stay hidden from Jason Voorhees. He can not find you. If you are spotted, there is slim window for Jason to loose sight of you and he can kill you immediately.

The game captures perfectly the environment of survival horror, the cabin in the woods. Even the sound effect are done perfectly well.

The other game for this month is Laser League. The game released June 9, 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Laser League is another game for this month that features online multiplayer. The game is based on futuristic arena combat sport.

Two teams of two all three players activate deadly laser beacons to grab territory and take down opponents. The game is very tactical at its core. Players can use power ups, revivals and landgrabs.

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