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The Director behind the Yakuza series is now making another game called Project Judge. The game director in a recent interview with 4Gamer has talked about how he got inspiration, ideas and creativity for Project Judge game. A very little is know to audience about the genre of the game. We will try to break it down for you.

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Project Judge is a PlayStation 4 game, its Japanese name is Judge Eyes: Shinigami no Yuigon. The game’s protagonist is a former lawyer turned detective. The game takes place in present day of Japan. Takuya Kimura stars the lead character in Project Judge, he is also an actor and former member of Japnese boy band SMAP.

Project Judge

The recent interveiw sheds more light on how the game came into being. When asked about the creation of the game, the director said:

The actual idea has been around for over three years. Although it wasn’t for a game, it became the starting point for Project Judge. You see, while making the Yakuza series for over ten years, we wanted to work on a completely new project, and slowly gathered members for the team, and we finally realized the idea now.

Back at the announcement of Project Judge, the game director mentioned it under ‘legal suspense’ game genre. Executive game director Toshihiro Nagoshi further describes what he meant exactly by saying that:

I really like movies and TV dramas about lawyers and the prosecution, and the crime that is the focus. Recently, there have been fewer of them, but the joy in solving puzzles found in adventure games is something I’ve liked since the Famicom days, and so I thought one day, I want to work on something like that.

The demo gameplay focused on chasing people, tailing and battles, something that a fine detective and lawyer kinda mentality based character goes for. When asked from Toshihiro Nagoshi to mention other core gameplay features that may come in game, he replied:

Firstly, there’s picture taking. However, it’s not just about taking any picture, but rather focusing on the “who”, the “where”, and the “how”. By taking better pictures, you get more experience and rewards, so you have to think and choose the right spot and angle like a true detective. I believe it’s quite interesting.

Project Judge or Judge Eyes: Shinigami no Yuigon launches December 13, 2018 initially for Japan, South Korea and Asia exclusively on PlayStation 4 system. The game will launch in US, EU and other Western countries in 2019.

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