Play The Division 2 Raid Operation Dark Hours Without Official Matchmaking

The Division 2 Raid Operation Dark Hours

The Division 2 Raid Operation Dark Hours does not have official matchmaking but that does not mean that you cannot take part in the event. The gaming community consists of some very clever people and you can bet that someone has the answer. That is indeed the case. A Division agent has figured out a way for players to find one another in order to play The Division 2 Raid.

A Division 2 Agent has decided that people that are interested in playing the Operation Dark Hours Raid should gather around the Yellow Helicopter in the White House that is supposed be the where you can activate the Division 2 Raid from. Players that are ready to play the raid should do jumping jacks near the Yellow Helicopter.

This way players know who is interested in doing the Raid and who is ready. You can then add people to your squad and get 8 players to take part in the Operation Dark Hours Raid. This matchmaking system was posted by a Division agent on Reddit and for people to know about it, it needs to be spread to all the agents around the world.

The Division 2 Raid

You can check out the Reddit post and upvote it in order for it to rank higher on Reddit. You can also share this post in order to get the word across to as many Division agents as possible.

The first team to complete the raid will have its name in the White House. You also get special rewards for completing the raid in the first week. You can also earn rewards for watching the raid on Twitch.

If you are going to play the raid then be sure to get rid of those pesky bugs and optimizing the game if you are playing it on PC.

Let us know what you think about the Operation Dark Hours Raid and whether or not you are interested in playing the raid in a few hours.

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