VR FPS Space Ops VR Heading to Viveport on July 18

Space Ops VR Viveport

International VR developer and publisher FIBRUM has announced that their immersive VR FPS ‘Space Ops VR’ is heading to Viveport later this month. Space Ops VR was released previously on Steam and now the title is heading to Viveport on July 18.

Originally, released on Steam, Space Ops VR has received multiple updates since its release. The game was not perfect when it came out and it lacked a lot of things when it comes to even basic gameplay mechanics however the developer has worked on the game after listening to feedback and released some important updates for the title.

The major content update for Space Ops VR brought with it AI behavior updates, daily quests and a lot more to the table since the game was seriously lacking in content. Along with adding more content to the game, the patches have also improved the game technically and a lot of bugs have been squished.

In Space Ops VR, you play as a trainee for the Space Ops which is a group of elite soldiers training for the defense of Earth and humanity against alien threats. You join Space Ops as a trainee and must train against a number of other trainees and strive towards becoming the best out of the bunch.

During your training sessions, you will be put against real-life alien threats that threaten humanity and that includes other intelligent alien species as well apart from giant insect monsters. At the end of each level, you will come face to face with a boss and you will need to defeat the boss to clear your training of that particular exercise.

We reviewed the Steam release of Space Ops VR when it came out and we did not like the game very much. It felt very bland and dull with no proper mechanics and the gameplay was also repetitive and boring. You can read our review of Space Ops VR and find out more about the game. Things might have changed with the future updates however we did not try the game again.

Space Ops VR Viveport

Key features of Space Ops VR include:

  • Extended coop experience
  • Advanced skill-based matchmaking
  • Competitive PvE/PvP gameplay
  • Daily Quests
  • Unique futuristic weapons, with different damage types such as Kinetic, Beam, and Plasma
  • Tons of grenades and gadgets to send your foes flying and make the enemies wet themselves
  • Customizable characters
  • In-Game Progression System that gives ranks and other goodies to skilled players.

Space Ops VR is now available on Steam and is releasing on Viveport on July 18, 2019.

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