FIBRUM’s Sci-Fi Combat Trainer Space Ops VR Gets a Release Date

Space Ops VR Viveport

International VR publisher and developer FIBRUM has announced the release date for their VR co-op shooter Space Ops VR. Available exclusively on Steam, Space Ops VR will allow players to join the Space Ops and participate in the challenging training regimen using HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Windows Mixed Reality VR systems.

In Space Ops VR, you will step in the shoes of an enlistee of the Space Ops, an elite corps of first responders that are tasked with guarding perilous deep-space expeditions. To keep in top shape and sharpening up the senses, players will participate in different practice sessions in cutting-edge simulations and compete to be the most efficient soldier on this side of the galaxy.

The game features both solo and co-op training sessions which feature score-based PvP mode as well. The game has its own leaderboards and a skill-based matchmaking system ensuring that the competition is always high between the trainees. The new trailer showcases some of the weapons that players can use in the game to cut down massive creatures with easily.

Apart from heavy weapons, players will also use a wide variety of tactics that will help them defeat their enemies. The game also features a special tactical teleportation system that allows players to teleport and dodge at the same time to avoid enemy attacks and making sure that they survive in the battle. However, this mechanic must be used strategically in combat because spamming will put the players at a disadvantage.

More features of Space Ops VR according to FIBRUM include:

  • Extended coop experience
  • Advanced skill-based matchmaking
  • Score based PvE/PvP gameplay
  • Basic training and SANDBOX mode for the beginners
  • Unique futuristic weapons, with different damage types such as Kinetic, Beam, and Plasma.
  • Tons of grenades and gadgets to send your foes flying and make the enemies wet themselves
  • Customizable characters
  • Unique teleportation system to help you save your soul – or doom you – depending on the decisions you make

Head over to Space Ops VR’s official Steam page if you want to know more details about the game or if you want to add the game to your wishlist. Also, check out our preview of Space Ops VR in which we explore an early access version of the game and hunt down some giant bugs.

Space Ops VR is slated for release exclusively on PC via Steam on May 30, 2019.

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