Japanese Hip Hop Meets Biopunk Action in Sonokuni: Demo Coming to Steam Next Fest

Sonokuni Demo

Prepare to immerse yourself in a unique fusion of Japanese hip-hop and biopunk action as Kakehashi Games and Don Yasa Crew announce the upcoming demo release of Sonokuni. Set to debut during the Steam Next Fest on June 10th, Sonokuni offers players a tantalizing taste of its captivating world with a new playable demo.

If you cannot wait to see more on Sonokuni, prior to the Steam Next Fest, you can catch a sneak peek of Sonokuni during the Future Games Show Summer Showcase on June 8th. This exclusive preview will feature a brand-new trailer and a track from the game, giving audiences a glimpse into the immersive experience that awaits.

Check out the TGS 2023 trailer below:

In Sonokuni, players assume the role of Takeru, a lone assassin on a daring mission to infiltrate a surreal superpower fueled by biotechnology. As Takeru navigates this ethereal realm, she must grapple with the moral complexities of extreme violence while defending her people. Inspired by real-life Japanese mythology, Sonokuni promises a captivating narrative punctuated by a visceral soundtrack from the acclaimed Japanese developer and hip-hop group, Don Yasa Crew.

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Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey where tradition meets innovation, and the beats of hip-hop intersect with the gritty world of biopunk action. Join Takeru as she confronts her destiny and navigates the intricate web of morality and survival in Sonokuni.

Sonokuni Demo

Don’t miss your chance to experience the thrilling fusion of Japanese culture, hip-hop vibes, and high-octane action in Sonokuni. Mark your calendars for June 10th to dive into the demo and discover the world of Sonokuni for yourself. You can head over to the game’s Steam page where the demo will be available and if you fancy, you can add the game to your wishlist right now as well.

Will you be interested in playing the upcoming Steam Next Fest demo of Sonokuni? Let us know in the comments section below.

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