Experience the Biopunk World of Sonokuni with a New Demo and Trailer

Sonokuni Demo

Feast your eyes and ears on the brand new Sonokuni trailer as Japanese hip hop group-turned-game developer Don Yasa Crew and publisher Kakehashi Games announce a release window of Q3 2024 for their biopunk action title on PC via Steam. Featured during the Future Games Show Summer Showcase, Sonokuni’s new gameplay trailer introduces a previously unheard track, “AGAYA,” giving players a sample of the intense hip-hop soundscape they will encounter in this neon-soaked mission of vengeance.

While the official launch is set for later this year, players can get an early taste of the action with the playable demo available now and throughout Steam Next Fest from June 10-17. In Sonokuni, players take on the role of Takeru, a lone assassin tasked with raiding a surreal superpower empowered by biotechnology. The game’s biopunk aesthetic is brought to life with a unique blend of up-close-and-personal combat against bizarre, genetically mutated enemies.

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Check out the new Gameplay Trailer below:

Takeru’s journey is one of intense, high-stakes action, requiring players to attack, parry, and bend time to their will to survive. The gameplay demands precision and strategy, as each failure provides the wisdom needed to refine one’s approach. The demo offers a sneak peek into this challenging and immersive experience, allowing players to master the flow of combat and defy death in the process.

Sonokuni’s fusion of biopunk visuals and a hip-hop soundtrack sets it apart from other action titles. The involvement of Don Yasa Crew, a Japanese hip-hop group, ensures that the game’s audio landscape is as dynamic and engaging as its gameplay. The newly featured track “AGAYA” is just one example of the powerful music that will accompany players on their journey.


The announcement of Sonokuni’s release window and the availability of the demo have generated significant excitement among gamers and fans of the Future Games Show. The game’s unique combination of a biopunk world, intense combat mechanics, and a captivating soundtrack promises a fresh and thrilling experience. As players dive into the demo, they will get a firsthand look at the meticulous design and intricate gameplay that Don Yasa Crew and Kakehashi Games have crafted.

As the anticipation builds for Sonokuni’s full release in Q3 2024, the demo provides a perfect opportunity for players to immerse themselves in the game’s world and start mastering the skills needed to take on Takeru’s mission of vengeance. With its unique aesthetic, challenging gameplay, and engaging soundtrack, Sonokuni is poised to make a significant impact when it launches later this year.


Are you looking forward to trying out the Steam Next Fest demo of Sonokuni and what do you think of the new gameplay trailer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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