Rise of the Ronin: How to Farm Silver Coins

Rise of the Ronin Silver Coins

In Rise of the Ronin, there are two kinds of money you can use, and one of them is Silver Coins. These coins are not as easy to get as the regular money in the game, but there are a few ways you can get them. However, some ways are better than others, so this Rise of the Ronin Silver Coins Farming Guide will show you the most effective method to collect Silver Coins and how you can spend them!

Silver Coins Farming Guide – Rise Of The Ronin

Even though Silver Coins are not common, there are ways to get them. These ways are connected to extra goals marked on the map. The easiest method to find all these marks is by improving your Bond Level in a region.

You can earn Silver Coins by:

  • Completing Photograph Requests
  • Fighting Fugitives
  • Sending Pilgrim Dogs off on journeys and interacting with Pilgrim Dogs you find along the way
  • Collecting Cats

You can see how many Silver Coins you have by looking in the Equipment Menu. The number of Silver Coins will be shown along with your total Sen. To get more Silver Coins, the best way is to gather Cats. Usually, players only have to come close to cats and stroke them by pressing the R1 button. If players want to find cats more easily, they should spend more time in one area. To do this easily, increase your Bond Level to 3 in each area so you can find all the Cats. Each time you find a Cat, you’ll get 3 Silver Coins.

 If you interact with Pilgrim Dogs instead, you’ll only get 1 Silver Coin. In Rise of the Ronin, players will encounter dogs too. By sending and playing with pilgrim dogs, players can earn Silver Coins. Dealing with Fugitives is simple: players just need to track them down to earn Silver Coins.

Spending Silver Coins In Rise Of The Ronin

You can use Silver Coins to get presents from various sellers like Usugumo Dayu, who wants you to find all the lost Cats in different places, Traders, and Black Market sellers. Some things you can buy with Silver Coins are books, armor, special features, and stuff to change up your Longhouse.

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This concludes our Rise of the Ronin guide on how you can farm Silver Coins. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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