Rise of the Ronin Combat Guide – Tips and Tricks to Mastering Combat

Rise of the Ronin Combat Guide

Our helpful tips and tricks for Rise of the Ronin in our Combat Guide cover various advice and useful bits of information we wish we had before we started the game. Rise of the Ronin has many different parts like sneaking, fighting, and exploring, and they can be tricky until you get the hang of them. If you don’t know them well, they can be tough, but once you learn, it gets easier.

Combat Guide – Rise of the Ronin

Below you will find some basic and advanced combat tips and tricks that will help you understand the mechanics of Rise of Ronin easily:

Focus On Speed

In many games, weapons have a balance between being fast and hitting hard. In Rise of the Ronin, it’s better to have a fast weapon because the combat requires quick reactions. You’ll need to keep up with enemy warriors, especially when you’re learning how to fight. You can switch to a heavier weapon later if you want, but it’s always easier when you’re fast. In this game, the best weapons are the ones that move quickly.

No Button Mashing

Many times, it might feel like a good idea to unleash a flurry of attacks to defeat your enemies quickly, but it’s important to be cautious. In the game Rise of the Ronin, it’s better to plan your moves carefully rather than rushing in blindly. If you just swing your weapon without thinking about your stamina or which combat style you’re using, you’ll likely face consequences. You can’t just continuously hit enemies without them fighting back, and you’ll quickly run out of energy, especially if you haven’t mastered the Blade Flash move, which helps replenish your stamina.

Instead, take a more careful approach. Pay attention to your opponent’s moves, focus on defending yourself, and strike when they least expect it. Being quick is crucial because it allows you to react to your enemy’s moves and find openings in their defenses more easily. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever unleash a powerful combo of attacks, but you should be smart about when you do it and be prepared to stop at any moment.


The Counterspark, also known as the parry, is a great way to defend yourself in battle. But remember, it’s not the only defensive move you have. You also have the dodge and the block. While the Counterspark can be effective against many enemy attacks, it’s also the hardest to pull off and can be risky if you rely on it too much. It’s important to practice the dodge and block as well. There will be times, especially in big fights or against powerful bosses, when using the Counterspark might not be the best choice. Keep in mind how far you can dodge and how much energy the block consumes. You’ll need to use all these defensive moves to succeed.

Rise of the Ronin Combat Guide

Enemies Can See You In Stealth Mode

In Rise of the Ronin, being sneaky involves being careful not to be seen or heard by enemies. But it’s more likely they’ll spot you than hear you. The enemies are good at seeing, so if they see you, even if you’re far away and hiding, they’ll quickly notice you.

On the other hand, these enemies aren’t good at hearing. They can technically hear you, but they’re not very good at it. You could have a loud fight in a room, and the people just outside in the corridor might not notice, as long as there’s a wall between you and them. So, plan your sneaky moves carefully. Stay out of sight on the rooftops, but if enemies aren’t looking your way, you can drop down and take them out quietly.

Rifle Is Over Powered

In Rise of the Ronin, you have many ways to attack from a distance, like throwing shurikens, shooting bows or pistols, or even using your strength to throw enemies. However, the most effective option is the Rifle. It’s great for getting headshots, especially when sneaking around, and usually takes out enemies with just one shot. Even though it’s loud, most enemies aren’t good at noticing noises, and those far away probably won’t hear you anyway.

Keep Looking For Inaccessible Areas

Your character isn’t very good at climbing, but we discovered that many places that seemed impossible to reach at first are possible – you just need to figure out how to get there.

Once you have the grappling hook and glider, those are the main tools you’ll have for climbing and jumping. So, if you think you can’t reach a place with just those tools, you’re probably mistaken. Take a moment to step back, look around, and search for nearby buildings or objects you can use to help you climb. If there’s a high place you want to reach, try looking for nearby buildings or low ledges that can help you get higher before you move across. The path might not be straight and obvious, but it’s there. The challenge is finding it.

Progression Tree

In Rise of the Ronin, there are many ways you can advance your character. You can build stronger friendships with your allies, conquer regions, improve your weapon skills, and more. Each path has its challenges and rewards. But don’t worry, you can easily see what each path offers by checking the pause menu. If you’re looking for a specific item or skill, take a look at your progress in each area. You might be close to achieving what you need in one of them.

Silver Coins Are Not Common but Money Is

In Rise of the Ronin, there are two types of currencies: regular money and the special Rise of the Ronin Silver Coins. You can get regular money in various ways, like selling stuff or stealing, but Silver Coins are mostly earned by finishing missions or side quests. They’re not as easy to find, so you should be careful about spending them. Many vendors will take Silver Coins for their best stuff, but if you spend them too freely, you might wish you hadn’t later on.

Keep Investing In Medicine

In the game Rise of the Ronin, your character doesn’t have a lot of health, and it’s easy to lose it quickly if you’re hit by a powerful combo. To stay alive longer, you should think about getting healing items soon. There are two main ways to do this: making one-time-use Elixirs from materials you can find around the game world and improving your skills and abilities to get more Medicinal Pills, which are healing items you automatically get. Both of these things effectively make your health last longer, even though they don’t directly add to your health bar. They’re really important for making progress in the game, and it would be helpful if the game emphasized them more.

Rise of the Ronin Combat Guide


Usually, it’s smart to block or dodge when your opponent attacks. But sometimes, they’ll prepare for a really strong attack, and you’ll notice them glowing red. These attacks are tough to block, and if you mess up, you’ll get hit hard. If you see them glowing red, it’s safer to dodge instead of trying to block. The bright side is, if they miss, they’ll be open for a few seconds, giving you a chance to counterattack.

Ranged Weapons

Besides fighting up close, you can use weapons to attack enemies from far away. Shooting an enemy in the head from a distance can quickly defeat them and avoid a fight. If you’re having a tough battle with a boss, you can keep your distance and throw shurikens at them until they’re defeated. Changing between long-range and close-range weapons often can confuse enemies and give you an advantage.

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This concludes our Rise of the Ronin Combat Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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