Rise of the Ronin Character Respec Guide – How to Respec, Unlock Respec Ability

Rise of the Ronin Character Respec Guide

At the beginning of the game, you get to pick where your Blade Sharpening skills come from. As you play more, you might want to change your abilities. Luckily, in Rise of the Ronin, you can easily do this. In Rise of the Ronin, just like in lots of other games where you level up and choose skills, you get to make your character unique. By picking different skills and abilities, you can decide how you want to fight and what tools you want to use. Ultimately, You’ll unlock the option to adjust your character’s skills within the first few hours of playing. This Rise of the Ronin guide will help you understand how you can respec your character if you want to change the skills.

Character Respec Guide – Rise of the Ronin

Below you will find the details on how you can unlock the ability to respec your character in Rise of the Ronin and then how you can respec your character in the game:

How To Unlock Respec Ability

To get this ability you have to finish the main story missions until you reach the part called “Follow Your Blade Twin.” Keep doing this quest while you check out the Pleasure District and talk to Taka Murayama. After you talk to her, you’ll have to go back to Ryoma and then meet him outside the Longhouse in Yokohama. Also, you have the option to keep belongings and even alter how your gear and character look concerning appearance.

How to Respec Your Character

Once you get access to the Longhouse, go inside. A menu will pop up showing different things you can do, like cleaning or playing with others. Look for “Relax” and then pick “Blade Repair“. This lets you start fresh with your blade skills and special abilities by using a Brush Kit item. On the “Blade Repair” screen, you’ll start by picking where your blade sharpening begins. After that, you can move on to adjusting your skill points and discovering a fresh special skill.

At the beginning of the game, you can’t change your character’s skills all the time because it costs money called Silver Coins. You get more of this money as you play the main story and side missions. But when you first start playing, you don’t have enough money to spend on changing your skills.

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This concludes our Rise of the Ronin Guide on how you can respec your character. Feel free to add anything you want to this guide in the comments section below.

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