Rockstar Games Says Red Dead Redemption 2 Achieves The Biggest Opening Weekend For an Entertainment Product


Red Dead Redemption 2 released five days ago and it has achieved the biggest opening weekend for an entertainment product. This was officially announced by Rockstar Games and that the game made a total of $725 million at retail worldwide in just three days.

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The $725 million units is only taking into account the copies sold to consumers and if you calculate the shipping value than the value goes much high.

Also, Red Dead Redemption 2 had second-highest grossing entertainment launch. The crown is still on GTA 5, leading with a total of $1 billion in retail sell-through.

GTA 5 is even a bigger brand than Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar takes time in making the games, but when they are near to release, the number of pre-orders escalate, making the game more valuable before its official release.

GTA 5 released on Monday and till date holds the record of full game sales on the PlayStation Network with the highest pre-orders, day one sales and first three days sales ever.

Take-Two did not disclose the actual number of sold units. This kind of data is only published when the company updates its investors on quarterly financial results.

The first game in the series of Red Dead Redemption never came out for PC. The same goes for Red Dead Redemption 2. So far, it is not listed yet to come out on PC. Except that, Rockstar Intel has recently spotted files in companion app of Red Dead Redemption 2. The files hints at a possible PC version of the game.

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