Rainbow Six Siege – New Season 3 Details, Operators, Reworked Map

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Grim Sky

Ubisoft has recently announced the newest season of Rainbow Six Siege Season 3 Grim Sky which features new map, operators and we have all details revealed here. This will be the third season added to Year 3 of Rainbow Six: Siege. Typically, two new Operators and a new map are introduced in a season. Ubisoft along with the name of the season, have also also given information about the operators and map.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 Season 3 Grim Sky Details Revealed

We have detailed everything that Ubisoft has revealed so far about Operation Grim Sky which is the third season of its Year 3. We have listed everything about what’s coming new, what has been patched and which coll new operators are joining the Rainbow Six Siege rostrum.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Grim Sky Operators

This season will bring two Operators, a defender from Britain’s Scotland Yard, and an attacker from America’s Delta Force. Both these operators form a team called Urban Tactical Response Team, codenamed GSUTR.

Grim Sky: New Defender – Clash

The first new Operator to come out is Clash. Ubisoft has also given an official description about Clash that states, ‘Born and raised in England, she’s a tough officer who served with the Territorial Support Group, holding the front line during the 2011 London Riots. She earned her spot with the Specialist Firearms Command (SCO19), making herself known within London’s Metropolitan Police Services (MPS).

Rainbow Six Siege Season 3 Grim Sky

She’s an expert at devising crowd-control strategies and her experience, service record and persistence in her line of work got her noticed by Rainbow Six.’

Ubisoft has also released the trailer to this Operator, which gives us a fair idea of how Clash’s special ability will function. Clash is equipped with a shield that has two electrical devices attached to it. These devices on the shield look like tasers that can be used to shock and temporarily incapacitate enemies. When talking about Clash’s Shield, it looks similar to that of Montagne’s fully extendable shield. Hence, it will not be so easy to get to her once the attack has begun.

Finally, when we talk about the speed of this operator, it looks like clash is carrying very little armor, besides her shield, which likely makes her two-speed operator.

Grim Sky: New Attacker

While the name of this new attacker is yet to be released, the second operator’s initial description states that, ‘The Operator is an American Attacker, a specialist with a remarkably sharp mind when it comes to tactical operations. He has seen the worst in Kabul. Despite it all, he fell in love with the city. Legendary for his surgical precision, he remains an enigma within Rainbow Six.’

In the teaser image that was released earlier this month, it looked like the attacker is carrying a blowtorch with what appears to be a shield attached onto it. What we can make out of it is that the attacker will be a hard breacher, and an alternative to Hibana and Thermite. Another way to look at it would be that with having a hand held tool as a blowtorch, this attacker might have the freedom to create custom shaped holes during a breach.

Coming to the point of this attacker’s speed, it doesn’t look like he carries a lot of armor, which also suggests that he may be a two-speed operator as well.

New Reworked Map: Hereford Base

The new map coming with the season Operation Grim Sky, is a rework of Hereford base. This map is a classic in the game and it will receive visual identity and a new layout.

Looking at the pictures released of the map, we can see that there will be dynamic weather changes added to the map. The pictures confirm and suggest a foggy rainy condition outside of the map. A few other changes outside of the map are that the attackers will have plenty of areas of sight towards the main building. This will allow attackers to have more angles right from the beginning of a round.

For detailed information about the rework done on Hereford Base, check out our exclusive article on HereFord Base here.

Rainbow Six Siege: Grim Sky Release Date

The full reveal of Grim Sky will take place in the finals of the Six Major Paris, which is the first Rainbow Six esports tournament of its kind, from August 17 to 19.  Typically after the reveal, the test servers will fun for two weeks until the season is fully launched on September 4, 2018.

Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay Changes

In the end, the new season Operation Grim Sky will also bring some gameplay changes to enhance the playing experience. Regarding the changes, Ubisoft has emphasized that following a lengthy test phase; they would be bringing forth much-anticipated modifications to address the weapon sights misalignment. In addition, to improve the game and the player experience, an adjustment with the Operator Idle Pick as well as dynamic resolution scaling for consoles is also on their way.

The weapon sight fixes will be good news for pro siege players, although no more information is given regarding the matter. The Operator Idle Pick will make the game much easier for casual players who inadvertently forget to pick up an operator while the time runs out.

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