Rainbow Six Siege Adds Reworked Hereford Base in the New Season

Rainbow Six Siege: Hereford Base

Ubisoft will be doing some major changes to the Hereford Base map, and they are officially calling it Reworked Hereford Base. Its reveal has brought forth many details coming in the new season; Operation Grim Sky of Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft had earlier announced a new season called Operation Grim Sky which along with new operators will bring a visually updated Hereford Base map.

Hereford Base Map Changes

As announced in recent press release by Ubisoft, the rework will be included in the latest addition of content with a new season titled Operation Grim Sky. Check out the official reveal of the new map below.

The reworked map features a foggy and rainy weather effect, a World War II theme replacing a bland modern setting of the training ground, a new attacker area with better visual at the enemy base, and new staircases to improve movement between floors. However, Ubisoft additionally notes that it will still retain the soul of this base while making bigger changes around it.

“For the Level Designers, revisiting this map was a rare treat,” the description adds. “Rainbow Six Siege has been running live for over two years. During this time, the level design team has matured and fine-tuned its knowledge of the game, and now has the chance to apply this knowledge to the Hereford Base map. Despite the frequent rain over Hereford Base, the Dev Team has a sunny and positive outlook on what’s to come.”

This map was notorious among Ranked Matches as it was known to be a cramped building with just one set of stairs for the top two floors. This kept the attackers at a major disadvantage when approaching the defenders, who were mostly already aiming for the stairs. The map has always been with a questionable competitive viability. When it saw no exposure in the E-Sports League, Ubisoft decided to remove the map entirely Ranked Matches back in September 2017. Following a lot of backlash, Ubisoft had then announced a comprehensive overhaul of the whole map.

From this rework, it looks like Ubisoft has expanded the map and added buildings to its surroundings. It is not yet confirmed how these added places will be accessible yet, but it looks like it might be a lot roamer friendly than the what the old narrow corridors used to offer.

Reworked Hereford Base Release Date

Ubisoft will introduce the updated Hereford Base formally on 19th August during its first ever Six Major in Paris esports event. You can watch this event on Rainbow Six’s Twitch channel.

Operation Grim Sky: New Operators

As well as the map rework, Operation Grim Sky will introduce two new Operators: a defender from Britain’s Scotland Yard, and an attacker from America’s Delta Force. Both these operators form a team called Urban Tactical Response Team, codenamed GSUTR. Additionally, many gameplay changes will also be done to enhance the experience for the players.

For more details on the upcoming Year 3, Season 3, check out our detailed coverage right here.

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