PUBG May Come to PlayStation 4


A Korean rating board suggest that PUBG may now come on PlayStation 4 platform. PUBG released March 2017 on Xbox One. Bluehole and PlayStation 4 were in talks to bring the game on PlayStation 4 platform, now maybe the time the game makes it way to PSN.

You can check out the Korean ratings board here or check out the translated message below:


PUBG initially came as early access on Steam platform. After the successful launch on PC Steam platform, the game came on Xbox One this March. PUBG also got a mobile version of the game on iOS and Android system software.

The game is more optimized on iOS than Android. The latest update on android software have lowered the performance meanwhile iOS version runs perfectly the same.

Recently, Xbox Australia has announced limited edition Greaseproof Xbox One controller. Xbox Australia celebrates PUBG and its 1.0 update on console which brings an addition of War Mode, the Shankok Map and TDM also known as team death match featuring respawn and revive mechanics.

The controllers sports hand sprayed urethane which gives it a greaseproof look. Check out the announcement trailer below to know more on ‘Greaseproof’ Xbox One controller.

The stock is limited to 200 controllers. Xbox Australia is giving away 10 controllers for free via Facebook page promotion. The controllers are currently only available for purchase in Australia.

The limited edition controller should have come as standard purchase across the world. However, since its very much limited, down to 200 units, it is understandable why Xbox Australia announced it locally for region only.

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