PS4 Exclusive Omen of Sorrow Release Date Announced

Omen of Sorrow

Omen of Sorrow, a PS4 classic 2D styled fighting game based on horror genre is coming out later this year on November 6, 2018. The release date was announced in a tweet just few days before Gamescom event.

This Gamescom event showcased bunch of video game trailers, gameplays and reveal of GeForce RTX graphics cards lineup. In case you missed the release date announcement trailer, watch here.

Developed by AOne games, Omen of Sorrow has seen Alpha builds since last year. The game mixes in two dimensional art style fighting with a character roster mostly based on horror theme. The game is based on Unreal Engine 4 and consists 12 characters of player roster.

Few weeks before Gamescom, Imhotep and Adam were the two recently announced characters that will feature in Omen of Sorrow. Imhotep will debut as a mummified character with a god like powers, while Adam’s character background is based on Victor Frankenstein failed experiment of uniting magic and science to create life. In doing so, Adam is born.

You can play up to two players with a friend sitting besides you. Omen of Sorrow will feature traditional couch coop gameplay.  Additionally, AOne is opting for a unique netcode experience known as rollback GGPO, it will provide almost a lag less online experience.

In another news, a PSVR title from Ubisoft, Transference: the Walter Test Case is set to release on September 18, 2018. A playable demo starting from today is available at European PlayStation Store, US region will soon get one.

Transference: The Walter Test Case will lead towards the events that happened in Transference. Explore the PTSD events recreated in virtual reality environment, where you will be required to solve puzzles in a haunting apartment. Ubisoft along with Spectrevision; co-founded by Elijah Wood, showcased Transference VR trailer at E3 2018. No release date was announced back then but now we have one.

Check out more on Transference: The Walter Test Case here.


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