A Predator VR Game Might Be Coming Soon on PSVR

Predator VR

A Predator VR game has appeared out of nowhere and we might be getting it sooner than we think. The game has appeared on the site Exophase and it details all the trophies of the game. The game which appears to be called ‘Predator VR’ has not been announced or revealed officially yet.

Sony did announce a Predator game during its last State of Play broadcast but it was Predator: Hunting Grounds. Predator VR seems like a VR exclusive game and the trophies detailed by the site show that it will feature campaigns for both human and Predator. There are a total of 18 trophies in the game and they pretty much give out the entire story of the game.

You will either play as Predator or a human in Predator VR. Some trophies are marked as killing the Predator during certain story missions. There are also some trophies for escaping certain locations without dying and we can assume that these are for the Predator missions. Later section of the trophies page lists some of the game modes as well.

We can see a Rampage mode, Multiplayer mode and obviously a singleplayer campaign mode which shows that this is going to be a proper Predator game in VR with different modes for players to enjoy. Another fun thing about these trophies is that they are named after famous Predator quotes.

Apart from the trophies, no further information is detailed about the game at this point. We also do not have any official information on the game at this point. Considering the fact that Sony is not coming to E3 next month, it might be announced during the next State of Play or it might just arrive suddenly like it popped up suddenly on Exophase.

Sony revealed Predator: Hunting Grounds during its second State of Play but it is a completely different game and might follow along the lines of Evolve when it comes to gameplay. More details will be announced later. Sony has been pushing more and more VR content recently and it only makes sense that they are making a dedicated VR game as well along with the normal game.

What are your thoughts on Predator VR? Would you like to play a Predator game that is completely in VR? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Exophase, Eurogamer

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